How it works?

SwapTheRoad is the first community website dedicated exclusively to recreational vehicle exchange between individuals. Discover an authentic experience for travelling further, for less and with total confidence!

What are the steps for getting started?

Join the community free of charge & search with ease for a vehicle suited to your needs

Sign up with a simple email address

Complete your profile, fill in your favorite destinations & collect your first RoadPoints

Use the search filters (destination, type of vehicle, type of exchange…) to discover the vehicles in the community

Choose the best plan for your needs & became a certified member

Select either the Essential or Premium membership plan, then send us the necessary document for certification
Add your vehicle & receive your complementary RoadPoints 

Find out where to live your first SwapTheRoad experience (don’t forget to answer incoming exchange requests)…

Travel now with your RoadPoints

Contact the owner of the vehicle which suits you via private messaging

Communicate, set the terms and conditions together and send him/her an exchange request

Once your request has been approved, pack your bags!

What types of exchange are possible?

Reciprocal exchange

Tow owners exchange their recreational vehicles with each other.

This might take place at the same time (simultaneous) or at different times (staggered).

Non-reciprocal exchange

Just like all members of the SwapTheRoad community, when you sign up your receive RoadPoints.

With those, you can borrow another member’s vehicle even if that person doesn’t want to borrow yours in return.

What membership plans are available?


The « Trust » plan

100€ / year

Any type of exchange & with no annual limit

This plan allows you to enjoy the elementary benefits of SwapTheRoad: find a vehicle that suits your needs, contact its owner and organise your exchange together.
Enjoy reciprocal and non-reciprocal exchanges within a community of likeminded people, and increase your chances of travelling!


The « Serenity » plan

150€ / year

Any type of exchange, with no annual limit & tailored safeguards

This plan allows you to enjoy additional safeguards during your exchanges: SwapTheRoad will support you when you lend your vehicle, managing the deposit and any deductible, and also when you travel by offering you competitive additional insurance.
Exchange with total peace of mind, the only thing we can’t help you with is packing your bags!