SwapTheRoad fundamentals

Get your adventure off to a good start with a temporary recreational vehicle exchange!

The recreational vehicle exchange is above all a human exchange, an exchange of hospitality between travelers. As a ” lender ” member, you give the keys to your vehicle, but you share so much more. As a “borrower” member, you’re generously welcomed as if you were already a friend or relative… A vehicle exchange is truly a human exchange, a time for sharing, caring, bonding, and giving trust and respect, only to receive more!

The 3 fundamental pillars of vehicle exchange


Because our members exchange their own vehicle, the very one in which they usually travel, and which they hold dear to their hearts!



Because it’s also about members from all over the world meeting each other, turning a simple trip into a truly authentic experience!



Because our community makes it possible to travel the world in a converted vehicle, without having to pay the owner!

Best practices in vehicle exchange

Exchange: the promise of reciprocity

SwapTheRoad lets you try out the temporary exchange of recreational vehicles. As soon as you join our community, you can borrow a vehicle and discover this new way of traveling, even before you’re in the position of ” lender ” member…

But the purpose of this experience is to formulate in return the promise to lend your vehicle, even if it’s a little later or with another family, for logistical reasons.

Whether it’s a reciprocal or non-reciprocal exchange, the exchange of a recreational vehicle is an exchange of hospitality!

Unreserved communication

Communication is the key to a successful exchange.

And for this to happen, you need to have discussed and created a bond beforehand. You need to have discussed your motivations and simply shown an interest in the other person…

That’s what our messaging system is for!


Share sincerely

Wanting to host another world traveler in your own country is part of the recreational vehicle exchange.

Our community is
nourished by the pleasure
of welcoming other members
members, and picking them up at the airport or train station contributes to the

Travelling locally

Whether your road trip lasts a month or a week, there’s nothing like the sound advice and local tips of a ” lender ” member, to help you travel in a more inclusive way! That’s why our members usually take care to list all their good addresses so they can pass them on to others…

A vehicle swap is truly a human exchange, a time for sharing, caring, bonding and building trust and respect, the better to receive it!