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How to post an announcement?

    1. In your member area, click on "Add a vehicle"
    2. Choose the title of your vehicle (e.g. The Laïka Kreos 3002 of the Duigou Tribe)
    3. Describe your vehicle
    4. Choose a category (motorhome, camper van...)
    5. Indicate the number of beds, the number of possible travellers and the number of RoadPoints/day you are requesting (basic number of RoadPoints: 100)
    6. Complete the location of your vehicle
    7. As part of your certification, add the necessary documents to verify your announcement
    8. Add pictures
    9. Fill in the other fields at the same time or later
    10. Your ad is created. You will receive a confirmation e-mail once your ad is validated and available online.

What should I put in the text of my announcement?

So that other members of the community have a maximum of information at their disposal, we advise you to detail your vehicle precisely in the "description" section of your announcement.

Carefully choose the title of your vehicle and fill in all the proposed criteria (number of possible passenger(s), number and type of bedding, technical characteristics...).

Finally, respect the rules of diffusion so that your announcement is not refused.

How should I insert pictures in my announcement?

You can add pictures to your announcement either at the time of its creation (step 4) or later directly in your member space.

Advice :

As the main image, choose a photo representing a 3/4 front exterior view.

Also make sure to add one photo per space (kitchen area, dining/living area, sleeping area, bathroom, driving position...) and photos of the exterior (front, back). 

Where should I locate my announcement?

You must locate your ad where your vehicle is at the time of the exchange.

Why can't I insert a picture in my ad?

In case of difficulty, we invite you to check the format of your photo.

Photos must be in GIF, BMP, PNG or JPEG format.

How do I register another vehicle?

All you have to do is go to your member area under "My vehicles" and click on "Add a vehicle".

How long does my announcement stay online?

The advertisement of your vehicle remains online for the duration of your subscription, during which time you can delete or modify it yourself.

Why was my announcement not accepted?

If after you have submitted your ad, you have received an email refusing our services, we invite you to read the reasons for this refusal and to modify your publication.


Here are the main reasons for refusal:

- Double listing

- It is forbidden to post the same ad more than once

- Vehicle not accepted


This refusal means that the vehicle you offer for exchange is not one of the vehicles authorized on SwapTheRoad. Members of our community must own a recreational vehicle (vehicle + bed).

Why is my announcement not visible?

Your ad is visible from the moment it has been validated by our teams. You must therefore first press the "Publish" button to make the request... Of course, you will receive an e-mail as soon as it is online.

Do I have to include my email address or phone number in the text of my announcement?

Personal or professional contact details (e-mail, telephone, address...) are not allowed in the ads. SwapTheRoad provides free of charge to its members a secure internal messaging system allowing them to easily get in touch with other members of the community. 

How much does it cost to place an announcement?

As soon as you register, you can post your ad, communicate with other members and even make exchanges for free!

If you want additional guarantees, we invite you to choose our Premium plan (Learn more about the Premium plan).

Member's area

What is my login?

By default, your username is the email address you used to register on the SwapTheRoad site.

I lost my password...

You can reset your password in the "Login" section, by clicking on "Forgot password". You will then receive a reset link and you will be able to log in to your member area again!

How do I mention my nickname?

You can customize your profile and more specifically your nickname in your member area.

Do I have access to the history of my exchanges?

In your member space, you can access all your exchanges: those already made, those in progress or those to come! 

Can I see my payments?

You can know all the elements relating to your subscription & its invoicing in your member space.

Can I get an invoice?

To obtain an invoice, simply send us a request by email:


How do I get back to the main site from my member area?

Just click on the SwapTheRoad logo at the top left of your Member Area.


How do I search for a vehicle?

First of all, you can enter a destination of your choice in the search bar on the SwapTheRoad home page.

In addition, the "Community" button located on the top right-hand side of this same home page allows you to access all the search criteria.

How do I contact a vehicle owner?

Are you interested in a vehicle? Perfect!

To contact the owner, simply click on the "send a message" button: you will then access our secure internal messaging system! 

How do I make a booking request?

Once the terms of exchange validated with another member of the community, use the "booking" button on the vehicle profile you wish to borrow: you will then be able to send a request directly to its owner!

Can I refuse an exchange?

As long as an exchange has not been validated by the owner of a vehicle, members are free to refuse a reservation request.

Otherwise, the reservation must be cancelled.

How do I request an exchange?

You've found the right vehicle for your needs and you've contacted the owner to arrange a trade-in... Perfect, now it's time to make your trade-in request!

  1. Press the "reserve" button on the vehicle page
  2. Select the period of your future trip
  3. If it is a period where the owner is open to "any type of exchange", specify if you want a "reciprocal" or "non-reciprocal" exchange
  4. You just have to validate your reservation request from your Member Area

How to validate an exchange request?

You have just received an email informing you that another member has sent you an exchange request... Go to your Member Area !

  1. In the menu, click on "My Loans"
  2. Consult the terms of the exchange (author of the request, desired reservation period, total amount in RoadPoints)
  3. Confirm or cancel your vehicle reservation request

How to cancel a reservation?


If you wish to cancel a reservation, you must follow the procedure corresponding to your situation:

To know more about the cancellation conditions 


What types of exchanges can I do?

All members of the SwapTheRoad community can perform reciprocal, non-reciprocal, simultaneous or time-deferred exchanges!

What is a reciprocal exchange?

Reciprocal exchange corresponds to two owners who wish to exchange their recreational vehicles with each other. They can do so either on the same dates (simultaneously) or over a different period (deferred).

What is a non-reciprocal exchange?

The non-reciprocal exchange corresponds to two owners who do not wish to exchange their recreational vehicles with each other. One is interested in the other's vehicle, but it is not reciprocal! 

It is particularly in this case that RoadPoints are useful: they allow one member to borrow another's vehicle without necessarily having to lend his own in return!

What is a simultaneous exchange?

A so-called simultaneous exchange corresponds to a reciprocal exchange that takes place at the same time.

Very extensive, difficult to be in two places at the same time ... Very often, in reality, the members agree on the organization and proceed in the way that suits them best :

    • either the dates are somewhat staggered over the same period, so that everyone can welcome each other and share this common experience!
    • or the booking dates are really the same, and it is a neighbor or someone close to the owner who is in charge of handing over the keys of the vehicle... This solution is not necessarily the recommended one.

What is a deferred exchange?

The deferred exchange is generally what is done and what is recommended:

    • either the members wish to travel in radically different periods (different hemispheres for example)
    • either the members adjust the dates of their travels in order to be physically present for the handing over of the keys of their respective vehicles (travel in July for some, travel in August for others for example)


What are the SwapTheRoad guarantees?

SwapTheRoad wanted to offer a maximum of confidence and serenity to its members... Whether it is in the very functioning of the concept, in the rules that must be accepted when members join, or in the additional guarantees that are then proposed to them!

More concretely :

    • This is a platform reserved for insiders, owners of recreational vehicles
    • When registering, each member accepts the SwapTheRoad Charter
    • Members can get certified at any time, which means that their identity & vehicles are verified
    • Premium members benefit from our Insurance Deposit & Insurance Deductible Management service when they lend their vehicle
    • They can also take out additional insurance when they borrow a vehicle

Learn more about Our Guarantees

Do I have to take out insurance when I arrive in the country?

First of all, an essential prerequisite: each member must make sure that he can lend his vehicle to a foreign third party driver! To do this, simply check the clauses of your insurance contract and adjust them if necessary.

Then, as a borrower, you can choose the vehicle of a certified member, which provides an additional level of security... Because in addition to the verification of his identity, the certified member must provide our services with the documents related to his vehicle: registration certificate and insurance certificate.
This being the case, we advise you to discuss with the lender before handing over the keys, and to check the existence & terms of the contract, as well as the validity of the insurance certificate.


How to subscribe to the SwapTheRoad complementary insurance?

In order to benefit from our complementary insurance, you must first be a "Premium" member.

The subscription to this option can then be done when you book your exchange.

How am I covered when I lend my vehicle? Do I need to be insured in order to lend my vehicle?

When you wish to offer your vehicle for loan, you must first validate certain information with your insurance company:

    • Steering wheel loan: your contract must authorize you to lend your vehicle to a foreign third party. If this possibility is not provided for in the terms of your insurance policy, make a request.
    • Maintenance of guarantees: once you have validated the possibility of lending your vehicle, make sure that the level of guarantees (vehicle, people, insurance deductible level, etc.) is maintained.
    • Our Lender Guarantees: SwapTheRoad can manage a bond and a deductible directly with the person who will borrow your vehicle.

Learn more about Our Guarantees


What happens in case of interior damage (breakdown of refrigerator, heating equipment)?

The borrower will carry out with the lender the inventory of fixtures on the return of the vehicle to the lender, using the same document as that used for the inventory of fixtures of departure.

Thus, they will be able to mention together all the damages noted.

In the same way, they will sign the inventory of interior mobile equipment together after completing it.

These 3 documents must be sent to SwapTheRoad:


It is advisable that the parties keep a copy or a photo. The lender will then arrange for an estimate to be drawn up. The lender will notify the borrower and, by mutual agreement, the borrower will pay for the repairs using all or part of the security deposit that SwapTheRoad will have managed and kept.

What to do in case of an accident?

Whatever the nature and extent of the accident, it is important to warn the lender as soon as possible, to report the circumstances and consequences of the loss in question!

What happens in the event of an accident without the presence of a third party?

If the borrower of the vehicle is the victim of an accident alone (without an identified third party) and he can continue his trip, he will have to mention all the damages found when he returns the vehicle to the lender.


They will make together and sign the inventory of fixtures for the return of the vehicle. This document must be sent to SwapTheRoad, together with the inventory of fixtures at departure:



A precision

    • If the damage is minimal and less than the amount of his deductible, the repairs will be charged to the borrower via the deductible retained by SwapTheRoad;
      If the damage is greater than the amount of the deductible, the borrower will pay the amount of the deductible up to the amount of the deductible managed and maintained by SwapTheRoad.
    • If the borrower of the vehicle is the victim of an accident alone (without an identified third party) and is unable to continue his trip, he must contact the lender and refer to the lender's instructions regarding the procedure to be followed with his insurance company.

In general, good practices are :

    • consult the information indicated on the insurance certificate
    • contact the support team whose contact information is usually listed on this document
    • follow the procedure indicated by the audience

Of course, if the damages are greater than the amount of the deductible charged to the lender by its insurance company, the borrower will pay up to the amount of the deductible managed and retained by SwapTheRoad.

What happens in the event of an accident with the presence of third parties?

The borrower must imperatively contact the lender, and fill out an amicable report specifying the circumstances and damages of the incident.

He will also have to refer to the instructions of the lender concerning the procedure to be carried out with his insurance company.

In general, good practices are :

    • consult the information indicated on the insurance certificate
    • contact the support team whose contact information is usually listed on this document
    • follow the procedure indicated by the audience

Of course, if the damages are greater than the amount of the deductible charged to the lender by its insurance company, the borrower will pay up to the amount of the deductible managed and retained by SwapTheRoad.

What happens in the event of a breakdown?

Regardless of the nature and extent of the breakdown, it is important to notify the lender as soon as possible, to report the circumstances and consequences of the breakdown in question!

The borrower will then have to refer to the lender's instructions and apply the procedure desired by the lender's insurance company .

In general, good practices are :

    • consult the information indicated on the insurance certificate
    • contact the support team whose contact information is usually listed on this document
    • follow the procedure indicated by the audience

Will the loaned vehicle match the one seen on the site?

To be able to offer his vehicle for exchange, each member must provide the corresponding registration certificate and insurance certificate. This way all SwapTheRoad members can be sure that the vehicles currently online on the site are real.

What about possible violations (speeding or other fines received)?

The security deposit (or insurance deposit) allows you to protect yourself, beyond material damage (broken dishes, etc.), from fines that may be committed when lending a vehicle.

What is the difference between the security deposit and the insurance deductible?

The security deposit (or insurance deposit) as well as the insurance deductible serve to compensate for possible damages.

The insurance deductible covers damage for which insurance has been requested, while the security deposit allows you to protect yourself against damage for which the insurance would not intervene (e.g. damage below the amount of the deductible, dirty seats, broken dishes, etc.).

Who must to pay for the repairs?

It is the responsibility of the vehicle owner to provide conventional maintenance. This includes the overhaul, oil change and mechanical maintenance provided by the manufacturer, but also repairs that may occur due to normal wear and tear of the interior equipment (refrigerator, heating, etc.).

Who must insure the vehicle?

It is up to the owner of the vehicle to insure it in order to offer it for exchange.

The borrower must on his side verify that he benefits, as a "foreign third party driver", from the same guarantees as the owner himself .

In addition, he can subscribe to the complementary insurance offered by SwapTheRoad if he wishes to be guaranteed optimal coverage. 

Learn more about Our Assurance Complementary Insurance 


Who created SwapTheRoad?

SwapTheRoad was imagined by motorhome owners, and co-constructed with other travelers, some of whom already had experience in exchanging recreational vehicles!

Who is SwapTheRoad for?

SwapTheRoad is reserved exclusively for recreational vehicle owners, because trust is the key to traveling through the exchange . "We will take care of your vehicle because we know that you will take care of ours in return!"

Who can exchange and use SwapTheRoad services?

To use the services of SwapTheRoad and make exchanges, you must be the owner of a recreational vehicle, subscribe to one of the SwapTheRoad subscriptions and offer your vehicle for exchange by registering it on the site. 

What is a certified member?

To be part of the SwapTheRoad community, each member must be certified. He is therefore invited to transmit his ID when he subscribes to one of the proposed subscriptions.

In addition, in order for his vehicle to be visible to all other SwapTheRoad members, the new member must transmit the following documents: registration certificate and insurance certificate of the vehicle concerned.

The certification will be validated annually and the required documents will be updated.

Is the identity of members verified?

Absolutely, that's the very principle of the annual certification!

The whole SwapTheRoad community is thus built on one of its founding pillars: trust!

How can I be sure that the vehicle belongs to a member?

To put a vehicle online and make it visible to all others, a member must imperatively transmit the documents relating to the vehicle in question (registration certificate & insurance certificate).

Thus, SwapTheRoad teams will be able to make sure that the vehicle belongs to its owner, and that it is covered by an insurance company!

Referral & Loyalty

What is sponsorship at SwapTheRoad?

It's an opportunity to grow our community and multiply the chances to travel!

Who can sponsor another traveller?

Any member of the community can sponsor one or more of their friends.

How do I sponsor a new member?

Each member receives a referral code to broadcast freely to his friends.

He can refer other travelers directly by entering their email address directly from his Member Area!

What are the benefits of sponsorship?

The sponsor receives 100 RoadPoints each time he/she sponsors another traveler. The referral receives an additional 200 RoadPoints when he/she joins the community!

What is loyalty at SwapTheRoad?

We reward the loyalty of our members with an annual bonus of 500 RP!


How do RoadPoints work?

Each member of the SwapTheRoad community receives the same number of RoadPoints upon registration.
They are distributed as follows:
- 30% are allocated and conditioned to the completion of the "member profile", i.e. 600 RP.
- 70% are allocated at the time of registration of the first vehicle, i.e. 1400 RP

Each member can therefore easily dispose of 2000 RoadPoints as soon as he or she registers... Enough to go away for several days! 

When you register your vehicle, you also define its value in RoadPoints/day (its default value is 100 RP/day).
Of course, you are free to change this value at any time, depending on your vehicle, its equipment and its geographical location.

I make a non-reciprocal exchange: when am I debited with RoadPoints for my future stay (and when is the Lender credited)?

The non-reciprocal exchange allows you to borrow a vehicle in exchange for the payment of RoadPoints.

The number of RoadPoints corresponding to the stay will be debited as soon as the reservation is validated by the Lender!

If you do not have enough RoadPoints, you can buy them directly via your Member Area.

I make a reciprocal exchange: when am I debited with RoadPoints for my future stay (and when is the Lender credited)?

The reciprocal exchange allows two members to exchange their vehicle with each other: it is the founding principle of the RV exchange which allows everyone to travel for free!


In order to keep it fair, it was previously important that each member had an equivalent length of stay... Now, RoadPoints allow for more flexibility and regulate any differences 😊


First of all, to be validated a reciprocal exchange must be done in three steps:

    • an initial request for a reciprocal exchange is made by a member of the community
    • from the moment this is accepted by the other member, the latter must in turn formulate his own exchange request
    • when this second request is validated, the reciprocal exchange is concluded

It is important to know that there is no transaction of RoadPoints between members, except if a difference is noted between the exchange requests made by the members themselves. This difference can be explained by a difference in the value of their vehicles (in RP/day), by a variation in the duration of their stays, or even by both... Whatever the case may be, the difference in RoadPoints for the reciprocal exchange will of course be taken into account by SwapTheRoad, once the exchange is concluded!!

How do I get RoadPoints?

There are several ways to earn RoadPoints :
- by lending your vehicle of course (number of days of travel multiplied by the price of the vehicle in RP/day)
- by adding vehicles: 700 RP / additional vehicle
- by bringing a testimony to the community: 50 RP / testimony / year
- by sponsoring new members: 100 RP for the sponsor / 200 RP for the godchild in case of subscription of the latter
- by remaining loyal: 1,000 RP/year


What can I do without a subscription?

A simple Internet user and visitor of the SwapTheRoad website can :

    • Create his member space for free with a simple email address
    • Complete his profile & accumulate his first RoadPoints
    • Consult the advertisements of vehicles available for exchange by using the search filters (destination, type of vehicle, type of exchange...)

BUT ABOVE ALL: from the moment you publish your vehicle, you automatically become an Essential member... You can therefore contact other members, make exchanges and travel for free or almost free!

What are the different subscriptions available?

Two types of subscriptions are available: ESSENTIAL or PREMIUM.

Either one allows you to make any kind of exchange, and in unlimited quantity!

All about the Essential subscription plan

The ESSENTIAL subscription allows you to benefit from the basic services of SwapTheRoad :

    • Carry out any type of exchange, with no annual limit
    • Find a vehicle adapted to your needs
    • Contact the owner and organize an exchange with him/her
    • A more than reasonable annual price: 100% free!

All you need to know about the Premium subscription plan

The PREMIUM subscription allows you to benefit from additional guarantees during exchanges:

    • Management of insurance deposit & insurance deductible for loans
    • Complementary Insurance Option for borrowing of vehicle
    • Its annual amount: 150 €

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