Offer your vehicle for exchange
when you're not using it...

Capitalize and travel for less!

Temporary exchange: a different way
to make profitable use of your vehicle!

You’ve got a recreational vehicle and you’re thinking about how best to use it. And you’re probably also wondering how to optimize its use when you’re not traveling yourself…

Rental platform: earn money to finance an investment

It’s important to bear in mind that 90% (on average) of people registered on this type of platform are renters. It is therefore the remaining 10% of owners who enable the vast majority of members to travel, via a road trip that will most often turn out to be a one-off.

To sum up: renting can be an effective way of making the most of your investment, provided you’re not too attached to your vehicle.

Temporary exchange platform: earn capital to travel
while taking care of your vehicle!

Imagine for a moment the possibility of renting your vehicle, but only to people who are initiated and accustomed to this type of travel. People who understand the value of your vehicle. People who would take care of your vehicle because they’d expect you to take care of theirs in return…

To sum up: temporary exchange is a way to earn capital and travel for free, or almost! But it’s also the assurance of entrusting the keys to your vehicle to another owner, an experienced traveller who shares the same values and objectives as you, a road trip enthusiast who will take great care of your vehicle!

How does temporary exchange work?

How to capitalize on your future vacations?

Rather than leaving your vehicle in storage or in a car park when you’re not travelling… Rather than leaving it idle for several weeks or months…

Lend it, save money and collect RoadPoints for future trips!

What types of exchange are possible?

Reciprocal exchange

Tow owners exchange their recreational vehicles with each other.

This might take place at the same time (simultaneous) or at different times (staggered).

Non-reciprocal exchange

Just like all members of the SwapTheRoad community, when you sign up your receive RoadPoints.

With those, you can borrow another member’s vehicle even if that person doesn’t want to borrow yours in return.

Use your capital,
borrow a vehicle worldwide
and travel for less!