SwapTheRoad guarantees

Travel with peace of mind in a community of owners!

The first of SwapTheRoad’s guarantees is the nature of its members… Indeed: 100% of them are owners, and this is the cement of our value system!

  • All our members are attached to their vehicles, and all are aware of the value that can be placed on them, whether pecuniary or sentimental!
  • In the event of an exchange, the borrowing member will do his best to take care of the vehicle loaned to him, because he expects us to take care of his in return…

Additional guarantees

In addition to the commitments mentioned in our charter and accepted by members when registering on the site, SwapTheRoad offers additional guarantees.

Lender: managing a security deposit

A member may want to secure the loan of their vehicle… That’s why SwapTheRoad offers to manage a security deposit for the owner!

This service is accessible to all, and complements the owner’s insurance contract, providing a financial guarantee in the event of an incident (interior or exterior damage, accident, breakdown…).

The various levels of security deposit available enable you to include a deposit and cover the insurance excess in the event of an at-fault accident.

Security deposit management
This covers any damage to the interior of the vehicle. SwapTheRoad undertakes to reimburse the owner for any damage sustained.

Deductible management
In the event of an at-fault accident, the borrower is responsible for paying for repairs if he or she is deemed to have caused the damage. In this case, SwapTheRoad will reimburse the vehicle owner for all or part of his or her deductible.

Borrower: complementary insurance

To be able to offer a vehicle for exchange, each member must be covered by an insurance policy, and must undertake to provide the borrower with the corresponding coverage for the entire duration of the loan.

To guarantee its members optimum coverage when they travel on exchange, SwapTheRoad has chosen to work with a benchmark in vehicle insurance!

RentalCover complementary insurance
RentalCover is recognized by the world’s leading travel agency networks, and its insurance policies are sold on hundreds of websites (Rentalcars, Booking, Easycar, Skyscanner, Kayak, eDreams, LastMinute, Blablacar…).

RentalCover relies on major global insurers (AON, Chubb, Collinson Group, Lloyds) to offer maximum coverage at competitive prices. 
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Before, during and after your exchange: personalized assistance

Answers to your questions by email or via WhatsApp… We will always be available to help you!

Member certification

The exchange of recreational vehicles is above all based on trust. That’s why SwapTheRoad community members can become “certified” members at any time!

This free service validates the member’s identity and verifies the vehicle offered for exchange. Our teams will validate that the vehicle belongs to the member, and that it is covered by an insurance policy.

What’s more, certified vehicles appear at the top of search results… All the more reason to promote your vehicle within the community!

To get your vehicle certified, all you need to do is send the following 4 documents via the Member Area:
● registration certificate
● insurance certificate
● identity document
● driver’s license

Naturally, an update will be requested when the insurance contract expires.