The RoadPoints

Travel more often thanks to RoadPoints

By using the the RoadPoints system, you are no longer limited when it comes to your travels as reciprocal exchanges are no longer your only option!

This solution means that non-reciprocal exchanges are also a possibility for you: borrow a vehicle from another member of the SwapTheRoad community, without having to lend them yours in exchange!

How do RoadPoints work?

Each SwapTheRoad community member receives the same number of RoadPoints upon enrolling.

They are split in the following way:

– 30% are allocated and conditioned to the completion of the « membre profil » (i.e. 600 RP)

– 70% are allocated at the time of registration of the first vehicle (i.e. 1400 RP)

When registering your vehicle, you also set its value in RoadPoints/day (its default value is 100 RP/day).

Of course, you are free to change this rate at any time, according to your vehicle, its equipment and geographical location.

Exchanging your vehicle using RoadPoints is above all about being able to exchange in a non-reciprocal way!

If you wish to borrow the vehicle of another SwapTheRoad community member but they do not want to borrow yours because they already have other holiday plans, you can simply give them RoadPoints in accordance with the RP/day rate for their vehicle and the duration of your trip.
For example, you live in France and you would like to borrow a vehicle in the United States: you have exchanged with another member who lives in New York and whose vehicle is available for your upcoming holiday. However, he already knows France well and is not planning on returning… If your trip lasts 14 days and the rate for his RV is 100 RP/day, 1400 RP will be debited from your « RoadPoints account », and his account will be credited with the same amount.

All members can increase their balance in their RoadPoints account

How can I earn RoadPoints?


by lending your vehicle, of course (number of journey days multiplied by the RP/day rate for your vehicle)

by adding further vehicles: 700 RP / additional vehicle

by adding a testimonial to the community: 50 RP / testimonial / year

> by introducing new members: a bonus of 100 RP for the sponsor & 200 RP for the referred member

> loyalty: 500 RP / year

Buy RoadPoints

All members can buy RoadPoints