Travel easily and more often with RoadPoints

Welcome pack, how it works and how to earn: everything you need to know about RoadPoints!

About RoadPoints

Thanks to RoadPoints, you’re no longer limited in your travels: reciprocal exchanges are no longer your only option!

The RoadPoints system makes it easier for you to organize your exchanges: you can make both reciprocal and non-reciprocal exchanges…

So you can lend your vehicle to other members and then borrow theirs in return. But you can also lend your vehicle in exchange for RoadPoints, which you can then use to travel to another destination, more in line with your desires!

A "welcome pack" to try out vehicle swapping!

Every member of the SwapTheRoad community receives the same number of RoadPoints when they publish their vehicle.

They are distributed as follows:

– 30% are allocated on completion of the “member profile”, i.e. 600 RP

– 70% are allocated when the first vehicle is registered, i.e. 1400 RP

So, as a new member of the SwapTheRoad community, you can borrow a vehicle and discover this new way of travelling!

How do RoadPoints work?

All exchanges are different!

When creating your ad, you are asked to value your vehicle by determining a number of RoadPoints per day (RP/day): this is simply the number of RoadPoints that the future borrower of your vehicle will have to give you to travel in it…

This means that the amount transferred to you by your borrower will correspond to the RoadPoints allocated to your vehicle, multiplied by the number of days it has been traveling in your country.


– Sophie has valued her vehicle at 150 RoadPoints/day.

– She lends it to Sam for a 3-week road trip (21 days).

– At the end of this exchange, 3150 RoadPoints will be automatically transferred from Sam’s account to Sophie’s.

Please note: the default value (whatever the vehicle) is 100 RP/day, but you are of course free to modify this value at any time, depending on your vehicle, its equipment and its geographical location.

Make a reciprocal exchange

A reciprocal exchange occurs when you wish to borrow the vehicle of another member of the SwapTheRoad community, and that member wishes to borrow yours in return…

Simultaneous or deferred?

This exchange can take place in two different ways:

  • simultaneous: both members travel on the same dates, which means that a neighbor or relative has to be present when the keys are handed over…
  • deferred: the two members travel one after the other, so that everyone can be present when the keys are handed over!

Of course, it’s more common (and highly recommended) to opt for a deferred exchange. Clearly, this is the best way to welcome your host and ensure clear, direct communication when handing over the vehicle keys!

By the way, deferred reciprocal exchange logically allows two members located in different hemispheres to travel at ideal times…

What role do RoadPoints play?

Whatever the type of exchange, RoadPoints are calculated on the basis of the value of the vehicle concerned: this guarantees fairness in reciprocity!

There are two possible scenarios:

  • both members travel for the same length of time and their vehicles have the same RP/day value: there will be no transfer of RoadPoints between the members
  • the two members travel for different durations and/or with vehicles valued differently: the transfer will be made in favor of one of the members…

Make a non-reciprocal exchange

A non-reciprocal exchange is when you want to borrow another member’s vehicle, but he or she doesn’t want to borrow yours in return…

In this case, you can simply give him RoadPoints based on the RP/day price of his vehicle and the length of your trip!


– You live in France and would like to borrow a vehicle in the USA

– You’ve spoken to another member in New York whose vehicle is available for your next vacation, but he’s already familiar with France and has no plans to return

– If your trip lasts 14 days and his vehicle is valued at 100 RP / day, your “RoadPoints account” will be debited with 1400 RP, and his will be credited with the same amount

Please note: non-reciprocal exchange clearly increases your chances of traveling, but even though there is no direct reciprocity at the time, the “borrowing” member will inevitably make a loan at another time to another member of the community…

How to earn RoadPoints ?

When you join the SwapTheRoad community and publish your vehicle, you’ll receive your first RoadPoints to help you discover this new way of traveling!

Then, of course, when you lend your vehicle to other members, you’ll receive RoadPoints from them to thank you for your hospitality. But there are other ways to earn RoadPoints…

I earn RoadPoints by :

> contributing a testimonial to the community: 50 RP / testimonial / year

> adding a vehicle: 700 RP / additional vehicle

> remaining loyal: 500 RP / year

> sponsor new members: 100 RP for the sponsor & 200 RP for the referred member

Purchase RoadPoints

You can also buy RoadPoints if you borrow more than you lend, or if you’re a few days short of finalizing the organization of your road trip…