Our values

Let’s share the roads all around the world, but first of all let’s share some common values

SwapTheRoad was born out of our own family experience as motorhome owners… Its values are first and foremost those we share with many other travelers: freedom, authenticity, escape.  >More information

Then SwapTheRoad set up:

– a mission : to make « RV » (Recreational Vehicle) exchange available to the greatest number of travelers

– an ambition : to allow owners to travel further afield, more often and for less money!

SwapTheRoad est aujourd’hui une organisation familiale et collaborative, qui s’appuie avant tout sur l’expérience de sa communauté, réunie autour d’une même passion et des valeurs communes :

        • respect among members, as it is the gateway to constructive dialogue
        • an open mind, understanding and forgiveness as we are all different
        • kindness since we all belong to the same community

Because together, we can exchange more than a simple vehicle: web can share our adviceexperiences, good ideas!

Travellers who go further thanks to other travellers, unusual places to live authentic experiences…