Temporary exchange for recreational & adventure vehicle


SwapTheRoad is the product of a true story. The story of a couple, a common passion and a family experience… Our story.

Who are we?

We are Sandrine and Julien, parents of three children, and for quite a few years now we have been enjoying going on adventures in our motorhome.
Of all the many different ways to travel, this is truly the road trip way, with our house on our back, and the way which best suits our need for freedom, authenticity and escape.




How did SwapTheRoad come about?

In April 2018, although we could already not imagine going on holiday without out “house on wheels”, we decided to visit the Algarve, in Portugal. But with only 10 days off work and young children, it didn’t really seem right to do the trip in our vehicle… That’s why we decided to rent a vehicle when we arrived at Faro airport. The trip was great, for sure, but this rental solution didn’t really seem very satisfactory at the time.

The following year, wanting to undertake a long-haul journey, so we left France and set off for the other side of the Atlantic. This time, for our discovery of the Americas, we took our own faithful motorhome, but this involved a lot of prior preparation… The most significant steps were finding a carrier, insurance to cover us once across the Atlantic, delivering our vehicle to the port of Anvers, in Belgium, and all the administrative formalities linked to the sea crossing. We also experienced problems of a mechanical nature mid-way across the U.S.A., which largely led us to reflect that: when it comes to American mechanics, nothing beats an American vehicle…

 It was with these experiences still fresh in our minds that the idea of creating SwapTheRoad was born… What if we could travel differently? What if the simple fact of owning a vehicle could allow us to travel anywhere in the world, but ultimately without it?!?

This is how it all started, and from that moment on our goal has been to allow “RV” (Recreational Vehicle) owners to exchange their vehicles more easily, and so be able to travel further afield, more often and for less money!

How has SwapTheRoad been created?

SwapTheRoad’s identity is based on family organization but also, and above all, on collaboration, because all the solutions that are available to platform users have been contributed by passionate enthusiasts… We have named them our “pioneers”. Some of them had already done a vehicle swap in the past and brought us their experience. Others have shared their ideas and enthusiasm with us, in order to make SwapTheRoad the trusted third party for their future exchanges.  In reality, SwapTheRoad is an innovative solution which has been created BY, WITH and FOR the RV community!