Swap my van to travel: is it possible?

As with your home, now you can swap your vehicle and travel for less!

Discover a new and easy way to experience adventure!

At SwapTheRoad, our ambition is to enable recreational vehicle owners to travel at a lower cost! To achieve this, we believe in a modern, sustainable approach to travel, based on conviviality, sharing and preserving our planet. Our platform offers you a unique opportunity to experience unforgettable adventures while actively participating in collaborative consumption.

Why choose a recreational vehicle exchange?

1. An economical and ecological solution:

Exchanging a recreational vehicle is an economical and environmentally-friendly solution. Instead of investing in a vehicle that often goes unused, you can trade with other enthusiasts, reducing your carbon footprint while saving money.


2. Discover new horizons:

Imagine being able to set off on an adventure in a camper van, motorhome, caravan or even a 4×4 without having to invest huge sums of money. A recreational vehicle exchange lets you explore new horizons, change scenery without financial constraints, and enjoy unique experiences.

3. The opportunity to meet and share:

We believe in the power of encounters and sharing. Exchanging recreational vehicles creates links between enthusiasts, encouraging the sharing of experience and advice. And, of course, it creates unforgettable memories thanks to the sharing of our vehicles, which can be found all over the world!

What to do?

1. Quick and easy registration:

    • Create your profile in just a few minutes, specifying your swap preferences
    • Complete the information about your vehicle and publish it in our community


2. Search for your adventure:

    • Explore our platform to find vehicles available for exchange
    • Filter according to your preferences, destinations and availability dates


3. Swap with peace of mind:

    • Communicate with other members via our secure messaging system
    • Finalize the details of your swap and set off on your adventure in complete trust

Collaborative Consumption in the spotlight

At SwapTheRoad, we’re convinced that collaborative consumption is the future of travel. By sharing your resources with other travel enthusiasts, you’re helping to create a community that’s supportive and respectful of the environment. Our platform promotes a sustainable approach to tourism, where each participant becomes an agent of change.

Join a trend already proven by home exchange

Recreational vehicle exchange on our platform follows in the footsteps of well-established practices such as home exchange, which has captured the hearts of travelers the world over. Today, thousands of people rely on home exchange for unique, economical and friendly experiences. SwapTheRoad builds on this proven model to offer you an equally reliable and rewarding travel experience.

By joining our community, you become part of a modern trend, where trust, mutual respect and the discovery of new horizons are the watchwords. Our platform features guarantees and security mechanisms to ensure a worry-free exchange. Hundreds of members have already taken the plunge and are eager to take full advantage of this new way of traveling. Join them now and prepare for exceptional adventures in total confidence!

Join the SwapTheRoad community right now!

Ready for a unique and responsible travel experience? Join our community right now! Together, let’s make the world a more open, friendly and planet-friendly place. The adventure is waiting for you!

Why choose a recreational vehicle exchange with SwapTheRoad?

  • A new way to make the most of your investment
  • Join a community made up of 100% owners, all aware of the value of a vehicle
  • Make reciprocal and non-reciprocal exchanges
  • Loan your vehicle to experienced, respectful and attentive travellers who are already road-trippers.
  • Travel the world for free or almost free
  • Voyager dans le monde entier gratuitement ou presque