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Les Noll ont deux ailes


Currently on Roadtrip in Australia

“We are a French family who became Canadian on June 27, 2016, whose goal in life is to achieve their dreams. 

 We have already achieved a lot:

    • live a fairy tale wedding in 1993, 
    • have great kids (two guys) in 1996 and 1999, 
    • build a beautiful house (three times in 1995, 2005, 2011) and a beautiful pool (also three times in 2000, 2005, 2011), 
    • succeed in her professional career (company manager since 1996 and quality director since 2010), 
    • have a professional experience abroad (in Quebec from 2008 to 2019, currently in Australia), 
    • make big roadtrips (one in Western America in RV in 2016, one in the Maritimes with our own Tipi caravan in 2017, one in New Zealand in 2020 in Van) and 
    • visit the world with great trips like in 2018 for our first trip to Asia: Vietnam & Laos for 34 days, or in 2019 for our first trip to Mexico in the Yucatan.

Why not one day go around the world for several months! Who knows, maybe one day? If not, it will be trips by episode, Costa Rica, Western Canada, New Caledonia and French Polynesia are among the next dreams to be realized. And in the meantime, we equip our Jeep to visit the Australian bush and Tasmania.

We look forward to sharing our experiences and vehicles with you! “


3 en la ruta


Currently in France

“We are a French-Spanish couple of three who live in the west of France but who very often have our hearts and feelings in Spain, more precisely in Dúrcal and in this Andalusia that we miss so much. We have 1 child with whom we want to share and learn in the great journey of life. Together we form “3 en la ruta”. 

In September 2019, we started what will be our first long trip as a family, a year-long tour of South America, which we only know from books, reports or movies. We had already been thinking about this trip for ten years, when we met in Saint-Omer, northern France.

With this project we want to discover something more of life, next to the engine that makes it move, our 4 year old.

We have already visited other places during small escapades or more or less long trips. Our beautiful France and Spain, a roadtrip in Italy by car, Portugal by van, we have travelled and will continue to travel in Andalusia by 4×4, van or car. We also had the chance to travel through Jordan in 4×4 for 2 weeks.

This trip to South America opened a new page in our lives.”


Les David Globe-trotters


Currently on Roadtrip in Eastern Europe

“Just a small family, of French travelers, who dreamed of an unforgettable experience.

Our favorite quote: they didn’t know it was impossible so they did it! Mark Twain.

That sums up our project.

We never knew big trips as children, we always used to go on vacation to the same places. 

When we started our life as a couple we didn’t really break the rule and continued with the same vacations. And then our honeymoon, in Cape Verde in 2013, started to awaken our appetite to see elsewhere! A second trip to New York in 2014 convinced us! And then we had the chance to expand our family in 2015 with a little girl. Her arrival turned our lives upside down and made us want to take a break to enjoy our family life and give our daughter an unforgettable year!

In 2020 we are selling all our stuff (house included!), we are buying the motorhome of our dreams and on our way to the European adventure for 1 year!”


Mexi Kan


Currently in Canada


“Hello to all the motorhome lovers of the community.
 Let me introduce myself, Dany, for those who are intimate with me, camper van enthusiast since 2007. 
Since then, I had the chance to buy 6 different types of RVs, Class C and Class A vehicles, I will explain the difference with pleasure.
I lived a wonderful experience of exchange of RV in 2007 with a French couple, moreover, I will write you a post on this beautiful experience, very soon.
I have been a couple for 20 years with my significant other, and I have a beautiful young daughter who is still in her teens. We also have a pet that accompanies us on our outings, her name is Lara, a magnificent Shetland Shepherd.
My wife works as a law enforcement officer for the City of Montreal and as a health care professional.
Great travelers, especially the Caribbean (Cuba, Mexico, Dominican Republic) in winter, to escape our harsh winters, we also visited other places like the Netherlands, South Africa, Swaziland.
Having traveled a lot by motorhome in Quebec, in the Maritimes (Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick) in the USA (several American states as far as Florida to visit Walt Disney among others), as well as my motorhome exchange in Europe which brought me to France, Italy, Portugal and Spain, it will be a pleasure for me to exchange with you your travel ideas, places to visit in the region of Montreal, in Quebec or in Canada.
As you can see, we love to go on adventures, we love nature and therefore camping allows us to combine all our passions, to travel differently and discover wonderful places.
Apart from our passion for camping and discovery, we are passionate about travel, epicureans, cooking and eating in good company, wine lovers, gardening, landscaping, we will soon be two new retirees and we can’t wait to go back to discover new places and why not, by exchanging motorhomes, what a great way to travel to another country at an affordable cost and meet extraordinary people.
Looking forward to talking with you.”