Temporary exchange for
recreational & adventure vehicle

Campervan, motorhome, 4x4 with roof tent, pickup with cell...

Travel the world more easily
opt for a road trip that's more...

Stop shipping your vehicle
It's time-consuming, risky and increasingly costly...
Don't rent another vehicle
This can get expensive when your road trip lasts several weeks...
Don't buy a vehicle
and then sell it back
You need time to reduce the risk of a bad deal...

Exchange your vehicle...

And borrow another member's to
travel anywhere and
for less!

Testimonials from the community

5 good reasons to exchange your vehicle

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Travel the world in a camper van, motorhome or 4x4

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Drive a vehicle adapted to your destination & to the local infrastructure

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Benefit from the good plans and advices of another enthusiast

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Participate in the sharing economy & limit your carbon footprint

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Reduce your expenses & control your travel budget

Travel differently

with SwapTheRoad!

Consume differently, share what already exists
The sharing economy reduces the need to produce more…
Don't buy,
don't rent, exchange!
Why should we buy or rent what we can borrow?
No more shipping your vehicle across seas & oceans
Reduce your carbon footprint by cutting down on shipping
Support small
local shops
Share your good addresses with the SwapTheRoad community
Practice Slow Tourism
every day
Travel longer & slower to consume less…
Support and promote responsible road trip
Be respectful of nature and share your best practices

Practice a tourism more :


Temporary vehicle exchange is part of the sharing economy!


We promote slow tourism and support local shops!


More than our vehicles, we share our experience, our advice, our tips and our kindness!

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