5 good reasons to exchange your motorhome

Before finding yourself with your toes fanned out on a fine sandy beach, organizing your departure for a trip to the other side of the world can often be tedious and stressful. In this article, we give you 5 good reasons to choose the motorhome exchange for a road trip in complete relaxation !


By choosing to exchange your motorhome with another motorhome owner, reciprocally or non-reciprocally, you have the opportunity to consider all destinations for your holidays and for any period ! 

 Either you choose to exchange your RV with another foreign owner who wishes in return to borrow your vehicle to visit your country. Then, we speak of a reciprocal exchange. This exchange can be carried out simultaneously (over the same period for the lender and the borrower) or even later (over different periods) if your respective vacation periods do not match.

 Either you just choose to borrow a stranger’s RV or lend them yours, without reciprocity. This is called a non-reciprocal exchange. This type of exchange gives you even more chances to travel.

Choosing the reciprocal or non-reciprocal RV exchange means being free to travel anywhere in the world, without restrictions of destination or dates of stay.

Did you know that SwapTheRoad is the only platform that allows this type of swap ? It connects owners of recreational vehicles from all countries, linked by strong values of sharing, authenticity and benevolence. If you want to become a member of this beautiful community and try a RV swap, click here !


If you want to travel by motorhome to the other side of the world, you often have the choice between 3 possibilities :

 Either you rent a vehicle on the spot (depending on the season, the rental price can go from simple to double).

 Either you import your vehicle by having it transported by cargo, with all the administrative procedures that it implies, the insurance of the vehicle to be carried out once arrived, the difficulties in having the RV repaired on site in the event of a technical problem …

 Either you buy a vehicle when you arrive in the foreign country, and you resell it at the end of your stay. If you choose this option, you must take into account the time spent looking for the vehicle and the purchase process, as well as any breakdowns of the vehicle during your stay in the event of the purchase of a defective vehicle or one in poor condition. This possibility is often chosen for a long-term stay, extending over several months.

The advantage of the RV exchange is that it saves you the hassle of importing your vehicle and all the administrative paperwork. You can easily choose to borrow a vehicle adapted to your destination (because it is used year-round by a resident) and local infrastructure. The insurance of the vehicle is the owner’s, which therefore does not require you to take any action and ensures peace of mind in the event of a breakdown or incident with the vehicle.


When you swap your RV with another passionate vanlifer on SwapTheRoad, you opt for experience sharing. Whether the exchange is reciprocal or non-reciprocal, one of the main values of the collaborative platform is the transmission of advice, tips and best practices. When exchanging a recreational vehicle, you exchange information beforehand (and even during your trip if you wish) with the lender who can inform you about the customs, traditions and habits of the locals, as well as the priority places to visit. They can also recommend the best places to eat and the pitfalls to avoid as a foreign visitor ! 

Sharing experience is a real added value for your trip, which is magnified and enriched.


Let’s not forget the ecological aspect of the RV exchange. Indeed, it is important to mention that having your motorhome transported by cargo to a foreign country is not the least polluting act. When you opt for the motorhome exchange, you limit your carbon footprint. This concept fits perfectly into the new consumption habits which consist in the use of already existing resources. Why rent, buy, import or export when you can simply trade ?


Many RV travelers don’t even think about traveling abroad in an RV. Faced with the complexity and cost of the different options for traveling to the other side of the world by RV, their first idea is often to travel like most people, renting one or several accommodations for the stay and a car. If you opt for this type of trip or for motorhome rental, your holiday budget may be strongly impacted and you will take a lot of time with all the booking procedures.

A good reason to choose to travel through the motorhome exchange is that you can control your budget much more easily. By going through the exchange and therefore avoiding the reservation of a vehicle by not opting for RV rental, import or purchase on site, you make more than substantial savings and travel almost for free ! So you can reserve more money for activities and have even more fun during your stay ! On SwapTheRoad, when you choose the reciprocal exchange, you are making an exchange of good practices, a RV for a RV. If you choose the non-reciprocal exchange, you borrow someone’s RV for RoadPoints. Roadpoints are an exchange currency used by the platform. It is a currency of exchange, digital, which allows each member of the community to travel in RV wherever they want and without exchanging money.

If you own a motorhome, a van or any other RV, do not hesitate any longer and join the passionate community of SwapTheRoad !


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