7 things to know before swapping your motorhome


In our previous articles, we presented you the different advantages of RV swap for a very unique stay abroad. Today, we give you 7 things to know before validating your exchange and to prepare your trip !

1. Which RV do you need ?

First of all, you absolutely need to know exactly what type of RV to choose. To do this, you must first take stock of your needs and expectations, in order to choose the best vehicle for your roadtrip :

• How many people will you be ?

• What kind of lands will you be crossing (rather paved roads, mountainous terrain and often difficult to access ?)

• Will you need specific equipment inside the vehicle ? Would you like a trailer ?

Once you have analyzed these different points and if you want to try the adventure with SwapTheRoad, the collaborative platform provides you with various search filters to help you refine your choice ! You will be able to discover all the types of vehicles available within the community : compact vehicle (city car or sedan), station wagon or SUV with at least one interior or exterior bed (roof tent), any type of van,van , truck, HGV and converted bus, motor home, caravan, 4×4 with cell or roof tent.

You can also indicate your ideal destination and then view the RVs made available by the owners in a specific area. You will also indicate the number of travelers as well as the number of beds desired for your stay.

2. Which vehicle insurance ?

In the eyes of the law, the exchange of recreational vehicles is considered as a loan. If you opt for a reciprocal exchange (you and another RV owner mutually exchange your vehicles), you will need to make sure that the insurance contract to which you have subscribed, authorizes the driving of your RV by a third party. Same for the other owner. If the person borrowing your vehicle has an accident when they were not authorized by your insurance to drive it, the breakdown assistance and support will be limited, if not non-existent. The deductible applied may also be increased.

3. What permit do you need for your trip ?

Depending on the destination chosen, the driving license to have may differ. Most countries will require an International Driving Permit (IDP). This is a translation of your national driving license. This IDP must be issued by your country of origin and you must therefore apply for it at least one month before your departure. Some countries, and if they practice exchange with your country, will only ask you for a valid license, accompanied by its translation into the language of the host country.

4. Contact the lender !

This step should absolutely not be overlooked. If you wish to make an RV exchange, we advise you to contact the owner well in advance of your trip. SwapTheRoad provides its users with an internal messaging system to allow them to exchange with ease. Prior contact with the owner of the RV you would like to borrow is essential. It is from this moment that you will be able to create a relationship of trust. The more you communicate, whether by messaging or by phone, the more serenely you will go on your trip. We advise you to check that the borrower is in good standing with his insurance, his license, that he is a serious person and that the vehicle has the equipment you need for your trip.

The contact and the exchanges between owners allow a unique sharing experience which will ensure you to have a great trip ! Habits of locals, places to visit first, tips and differences in rules of conduct in the host country… It’s time to stock up on advice before your big adventure !

5. Hand delivery of the keys

All recreational vehicles are not alike and have their specificities depending on the model and the size. Before borrowing the vehicle of a SwapTheRoad member, we advise you to arrange a meeting in person. You will be able to exchange verbally with the lender, go around the vehicle and obtain essential explanations. You can also check just before your departure that the vehicle is well equipped with everything you need for your trip. 

Also note that the platform provides its members with a RoadBook. This is a document that everyone can upload and fill in to give more details about their vehicle : dimensions (height / width / weight), operation of the equipment (fridge, heating, waste water, tank, etc.) and any other useful information. It is a real guide for borrowers who can thus have a detailed description of the vehicle that interests them. This avoids unpleasant surprises and contributes to a more serene trip !

6. What happens once there, in the event of an accident or a breakdown ?

As part of a motorhome exchange and in the event of an incident, you must first contact the lender to inform them. You will then contact the insurance (the contact details of which are on the certificate) which will tell you the procedure to follow.

When exchanging RVs between individuals, it is the insurance of the borrowed vehicle that provides you with breakdown assistance and assistance, in the event of an accident or breakdown. SwapTheRoad also offers two different subscriptions, to best meet the needs of its community :

• The Essential subscription is 100% free and allows users to publish their vehicle, to carry out any type of exchange, to have access to internal messaging and to the assistance center.

• In order to offer more guarantees to those who wish, the platform also has a Premium subscription. It provides the lender with a Serenity Lender Guarantee. As part of this subscription, the deposit paid by the borrower is covered, as is the deductible requested in the event of an accident with the vehicle. Indeed, in the event of an accident for example, the coverage is optimal : SwapTheRoad offers the owner of the RV to reimburse all or part of the deductible, unless it is the borrower who is at the origin of the loss. In this case, it will be up to the latter to pay the amount if it exceeds the deductible initially planned.

This “Serenity” formula also offers additional Borrower insurance for a maximum level of guarantees! SwapTheRoad works with RentalCover (a company already recognized by the largest travel agency networks in the world) and thus offers members of the community insurance policies at competitive prices.

7. Are traffic rules the same in the host country ?

And yes, from one country to another, the traffic rules change and it is better to prepare you before your big departure ! To drive safely, we strongly advise you to find out about the driving rules of the host country :

• Do you have to drive on the left or on the right?

• Are traffic lights placed at the side or in front of the road ?

• What are the priority rules ?

• Where are you allowed to park with your recreational vehicle ?

• What are the mandatory equipment ?

• What are the speed limits ?

The advantage of exchanging a motorhome with SwapTheRoad is that the lender will be able to advise you and let you know the driving habits of the locals. A real plus for a well-prepared trip !

SwapTheRoad is, above all, a collaborative platform that connects travel enthusiasts. More than an exchange of leisure vehicles, it is a real sharing of experience, advice and good plans to allow you to make your ideal roadtrip !

And what if you choose the RV exchange for your next trip ?


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  1. This looks like a great idea but there is no mention of the number of kms that are included in the daily rate. Deal breaker when you live in a large country like Canada. Coast to coast in 14 days, roughly 7000 kms,that is what pople want to do. I know, I used to rent our RV out.

    1. Hello Rolf, That’s a very good comment. And indeed, the number of kilometers is an important point that must be validated with the lender before the exchange! It is up to him to set the limit.

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