Our advice to find the best RV insurance

A RV insurance is a very important part of your roadtrip

Our advice to find the best RV insurance

A RV insurance is a very important part of your roadtrip

One of the first things you will learn during your RV trip is that you never know what is going to happen on the road. That is the reason why you need to have the best RV insurance in order to make sure you will be safe the whole time. Moreover, in most of the countries, you must have a vehicle insurance. And you will not regret it!

The different kinds of RV insurance

Usually, car insurances include a minimum compulsory insurance and several optional guarantees. Therefore, you can basically compose your own insurance depending on your needs. In the minimum insurance, you will be covered for damages you could cause to other people on the road. This part is mandatory.

Concerning the optional guarantees, you can find different insurances depending on your needs but also on your budget. Obviously, the price will go up as you will add more guarantees. However, you have to remember that these guarantees will help you save money once you will encounter problems on the road. 

The assistance guarantee

The assistance guarantee is very helpful in the event of a breakdown. The insurance will take care of towing your recreational vehicle to the nearest garage. Depending on the country you are in, it might save you a lot of time and money.

If you want an optimal coverage, make sure to associate this guarantee with a 0km deductible. It will allow you to be towed no matter where your car broke down. Moreover, your insurance will lend you a replacement car. 

Theft, fire and glass breakage

Since you will be living in your recreational vehicle, you will need to insure it properly. Thieves will be tempted to enter your RV if they know you have all your personal belongings in it. You will be a great target for them. Therefore, you will need to be covered for theft. 

Fires and glass breakage can also happen in your RV. Fires can result from the equipment installed in your car. Glass breakages are ordinary during a RV trip. If you are driving on bad conditions roads, you can easily take a stone on your windshield. 

Legal protection

Legal protection can be useful in more uncommon situations. For example, if you need to sell, purchase or repair a recreational vehicle, you might have a litigation with the other part of the contract. In that case, the legal protection will save you a lot of money. 

When you are looking for a RV insurance, this guarantee can be interesting. Indeed, you will probably have to repair or sell your vehicle at some point. A conflict can easily happen, especially if you are in a foreign country where the “codes” are different.

The content guarantee

The content guarantee might be the most important part of your RV insurance. It will allow you to insure the equipment and belongings you will have in your recreational vehicle. Trust us, it will be very useful if someone breaks into your RV and takes all your stuff. 

If you have pretty expensive belongings in your vehicle, the content guarantee will help you buy this equipment again. With this guarantee, you can insure your laptop, your jewelry or a surfboard for example. 

With a good RV insurance, you will save a lot of money in case of accident

How to find the best RV insurance?

The first thing you need to do when looking for an insurance is to compare. You have to collect information from different insurance companies to compare the guarantees but also the prices. You can also use comparators websites to go faster. 

In order to be sure you choose the perfect insurance for your needs, you want to give as much information as possible about your situation to the insurer. You can tell him where you are planning to travel, how long you will be on the road, etc. Of course, you will also have to tell him what kind of recreational vehicle it is. 

Remember that, in order to be insured, you need to be over 25 years old and own a driving licence. If you have had a driving licence for less than 3 years, the price of the insurance might be higher. 

Insurance for rental RV

If you are planning to have a short RV trip and don’t want to buy a vehicle, you can still rent it. You can either rent it from a rental company but also from an individual. In both cases, you will have to be insured in order to use the recreational vehicle. 

Depending on the situation, you might need to take care of the insurance and choose it yourself. In that case, the owner will ask you to provide a certificate as proof. However, the owner will sometimes provide the insurance himself. This insurance will be temporary for the duration of the trip (from a few days to a few months). 

Please remember that these rental companies might ask you to be over 25 years old or have your driving licence for more than 3 or 5 years.

If you choose to rent a recreational vehicle, make sure to check the insurance guarantees

Marie C.

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How to choose your RV?

There are multiple RV types and you need to choose the right one for your needs.

How to choose your RV?

There are multiple RV types and you need to choose the right one for your needs.

When you want to start a RV trip, the vehicle you choose is one of the most important things. Your recreational vehicle will be your mean of transport but also, and mostly, your home. Therefore, you must choose very attentively what kind of RV you want to buy. But don’t panic ! We have your back. 

Let’s see together what are the different kinds of RV and what factors you need to take into account before buying one.

What are the different kinds of RV? 

The term “recreational vehicle” refers to multiple means of transport. It can be a camper van, a motorhome, a trailer or even a roof tent or a pickup camper. These different types of RV can be adapted to your needs, your wishes and your itinerary. Some of them might be better during winter than others. 

Before buying your new recreational vehicle, you must take into account a lot of factors. In fact, you should define your plans before buying one in order to choose the perfect solution. You must know the number of people you are travelling with, the period and the duration of your trip but also your destination and your budget. 

How many people are traveling with you?

The number of people traveling with you will have a huge impact on the RV you will be choosing. Indeed, you will not buy the same vehicle whether you are traveling alone or with your family and children. You will need more or less space and beds. With children, you will need more bedding but also more space for them to play. 

If you want to buy a camper van, you will have to choose one that is arranged to fit your needs. Usually, it will be enough for a couple but not for an entire family. If you choose a motorhome, you will also have multiple choices and sizes. Of course, the size of your RV will impact your budget.

On our website, you will find a wide range of RV. You will be able to talk to the owner in order to know if it fits your needs. We advise you to be reasonable when you choose the size of your vehicle. You may want to save money by buying a smaller RV but don’t forget that it will be your home for several weeks, months or even years. 

What is your destination? 

Depending on your itinerary and the countries you are visiting, you may need a special vehicle. You have to pay attention to the quality of the roads and the parking facilities. If you want to travel to South America, for example, remember that the roads are sometimes difficult to access and that you will need good suspensions in order to travel comfortably. If you come from the United States, you might be used to big cars and trucks. In Europe, the cars, and so the roads, are smaller. 

According to your destination, the temperature will not be the same. This is also an important factor to take into account when you will buy your recreational vehicle. For example, you don’t want to choose a roof tent installed on a big vehicle if you want to travel to Scotland. First of all, you won’t be able to access some roads. Moreover, the tent might not be adapted to the Scottish weather. 

Do you have a specific budget? 

Of course, your financial capacities will affect your decision concerning your recreational vehicle. This purchase represents a major part of your budget. Once you will have your RV, your spending will be much more accessible. It will concern your food, your fuel and other small expenses. 

If you have a small budget, you might want to buy a van and build it yourself. This way, you will be able to control the spending by choosing yourself the materials and equipment. You can also choose a roof tent or a pickup camper which are much cheaper. On the contrary, if you have a bigger budget, you will have access to high-quality vehicles. You won’t be able to build it yourself and you will save a lot of time (and effort). 

Security and comfort

When you start to look for a RV, you have to pay attention to the model but also to the equipment. Your watchwords must be security and comfort. When you will be discussing the RV features with the owner, don’t hesitate to ask a lot of questions. Trust us, you don’t want to have bad surprises when you start your trip. 

Be sure the vehicle has been stored and maintained properly. You can ask for maintenance records as a proof. Make sure the vehicle also has all the equipment you will need. Do you want to cook in your RV ? Do you need a toilet and a shower? How much electricity will you consume? 

The seats in the driver’s cab are also very important. Make sure they are comfortable and have good suspension. When you will drive on country roads, your seats will have a huge impact on your back and neck conditions. Of course, the aesthetic and the decoration of the vehicle might help you make a choice. However, you can always change this after buying your RV to make it your own.

A roof tent can be a great solution if you have a small budget.

Pay attention to the drivability 

If we know one thing for sure it is that driving a car is not the same as driving a recreational vehicle. You must prepare yourself to this idea and choose a RV with a good drivability. During your trip, you will spend a lot of time with your hands on the steering wheel. It is very important that you feel safe and at ease while driving.

If you are not sure about your driving skills, you might not want to buy a trailer. Indeed, it is not the easiest vehicle to drive. On the other hand, you will probably prefer a camper van or a motorhome. Even if it is a big vehicle, driving is smoother. 

Different types of motorhomes

Concerning the motorhomes, you can find 3 types: class A, class B and class C. Class A motorhomes are the largest vehicles and can fit more beds than the others. If you want to travel with your family or with a friend, this solution might be better. However, the class A motorhomes cause more spending since you need more gas and maintenance work. 

The class B motorhomes are the smallest vehicles but they consume less fuel and are more versatile. It will be easier to drive them. Finally, the class C motorhomes are a great compromise between class A and B. You will have enough space while sticking to your budget.

Different types of trailers

If you want to buy a trailer, you will also have multiple options. You can go for a travel trailer, a fifth wheel trailer, a pop-up trailer or a hybrid trailer. These solutions meet different constraints of budget and convenience. 

A travel trailer is like a motorhome but it is pulled by another vehicle. It is a cheaper solution than a motorhome. A fifth wheel trailer is easier to drive and turn. Pop-up trailers are easier to transport and storage. Finally, hybrid trailers are a good compromise between travel trailers and fifth-wheel trailers. 

Pickup campers and roof tents

Pickup campers are a great option for people who already have a pickup and want a small camping space. This is an affordable solution that can be driven and manoeuvred easily.

The pickup camper is pretty similar to roof tents. The main difference is that you can’t drive if the tent is set up. Apart from that, the roof tent is very mobile, easy to set up and comfortable. It is usually the cheapest RV solution. However, you won’t have all the equipment that you can find in a camper van, for example.

Multiple options of camper vans

The camper van is the most versatile solution. You can choose between multiple types and brands of vehicle. You can also customize your equipment and arrangement. Depending on your financial capacities, you can choose a pretty small vehicle and install your bedding. But if you want all the comfort, you might want to choose a larger van. 

You can find two types of campervan: the low top and the high top campervans. Usually, the high-top ones are better equipped than the low-top vehicles. They are also more comfortable because you can stand up properly. In a low-top camper van, you will be able to fit two bedding. In a high-top one, you may fit up to five people. 


If you need any other information about the different types of RV, don’t hesitate to contact us. You can also reach out to our community members. They will be able to share their experience with you and give you some advice. If you are interested by a vehicle on our website, don’t forget to ask all of your questions to the owner to make sure it is the perfect match for you. 

Depending on your RV, you can find a sense of freedom as well as some comfort.

Marie C.

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10 things you need to know before planning a RV trip

Here are 10 lessons we have learned during our RV trip

10 things you need to know before planning a RV trip

Here are 10 lessons we have learned during our RV trip

You have been thinking of planning a RV trip for a long time? You are looking for a bunch of information in order to make a decision? We get you. Going on a road trip for the holidays is a big thing. Before taking all of our family on a RV trip, we had planned almost everything. To do so, we had spent hours on the Internet to look for information. Here is our advice to you. 

RV trips are becoming more and more popular

You probably know that already but this information is more important than you think. RVs are a trendy thing. For example, in the United States, 46 million people are planning to do a RV trip in 2021. The lack of freedom and adventures due to the quarantine is enhancing this trend. 

You may think: why should I care about this information? Well, you should because it means that there will be more and more “business” around RVs. That’s good! Try to think of the first roadtrippers. They didn’t have neither mobile applications to guide them nor portable shower systems. 

No matter what you need, you will probably always find a solution. You have a large amount of resources on the Internet concerning vanlife. If you have a question, someone necessarily has the answer.

You can be comfortable during a RV trip

The rough and savage road trips are over… unless you want to. Recreational vehicles have brought to us, travel addicts, some comfort and ease. Of course, this improvement is mainly due to the rise of van lifers. It is economically interesting to sell good recreational vehicles.

Depending on your budget and needs, you can find a wheeled-home that is almost as comfortable as a real house. You can have a shower, toilets and a real kitchen. It is also possible to travel with your whole family and have a bed for everyone.

Of course, you can’t start a RV trip by thinking that your everyday life will be the same as before. Things will change. You will only have access to necessary things. But with the improvement of recreational vehicles, you won’t be disappointed by this way of living. 

Become wild and free

You will never experience true freedom unless you go on a RV trip in the middle of nowhere. The feeling of controlling everything from where you sleep to what places you visit is incomparable. Everything depends on you. Of course, it can also be very stressful but, trust us, you will get used to it. 

Imagine the sensation of waking up and looking at nature first thing in the morning. Depending on where you are staying, you can admire the sun rising behind the mountains or listen to the waves crashing on the beach. In any case, you will experience a moment of purity, freedom and perfection.

Wild and comfortable at the same time? Yes, it is possible. There is not one way of doing vanlife. You can choose to have a comfortable recreational vehicle but go “wild” in your destinations and activities. Conversely, you can have a more basic vehicle but visit big cities that are not as “wild”.  

Experience another level of community

The van life offers you to experience another level of community. The first sense of community concerns the other van lifers you will meet. Whether you are traveling to Europe, America or Australia, you will probably meet other people on a RV trip. You will be able to share your stories, advice and concerns. 

The other communities you will be involved in are the local communities you will live in. By going on a RV trip, you will be much more in contact with the locals. You may need to ask them for advice, you will shop in their stores, etc. You will be more integrated than if you were living in a touristic hotel. 

Everyone agrees on that: the sense of community and humanity you experience during a RV trip is a pure treasure. Relationships are so much different in this context. You will build friendships so much faster than usual. Because you will share very particular moments with them, these friendships will probably last forever. 

Vanlife can bring you freedom but also comfort and great quality time.

RV trips offer you true quality time

Whether you are traveling alone, with your partner or your family, you will experience true quality time in your recreational vehicle. You won’t have access to electricity or the Internet as much as usual. Therefore, you will learn to spend time differently. 

First of all, your rhythm will be different. You will probably follow the sun by waking up and going to bed earlier. You will experience great sunrises and sunsets, go for long walks in nature and spend time with people without checking your phone every 5 minutes. 

You may save money during your road trip

You have started your budget and think we are becoming crazy? Think again and compare your vanlife budget to a “normal life” budget. Do you still think that it is expensive? If you don’t have to pay for a real house in addition to your RV, it is very interesting. 

No mortgage, no energy bills, no home insurance… Living in a recreational vehicle is cheaper than living in a classic house. Moreover, you will probably become more minimalist during your road trip. Therefore, you will spend less money buying unnecessary things. You will be able to use this money in order to experience things: visit museums, do bungee jumping or diving, for example. 

Plan your RV trip (a little)

The best part of a RV trip is the freedom it brings to you. You can live from day to day, waking up not knowing where you are going to sleep at night. You can change your itinerary based on your desires and needs at the moment. Obviously, you need to keep a part of that carelessness. 

However, you might want to plan your trip a little bit in advance. This carelessness can sometimes put you in bad situations. For example, you don’t want to be in the middle of a desert when you realize you don’t have any water left in your RV. To avoid this kind of issue, you need to be prepared. 

We advise you to plan your itinerary briefly in order to know approximately where you are going. Then, you will be able to check what are the facilities nearby to refill water, fuel and food. You can also enter your itinerary in different mobile apps to know where are the points of interest next to you. 

Manage your resources 

By planning your RV trip, you will also be able to manage your resources more easily. Indeed, your comfort (and survival) will depend a lot on these resources like water, food, gasoline, electricity and gas. You have several options in order to manage them. But the first thing to remember is that you need to consume more intelligently. 

To help you refill these resources, you can use the mobile app iOverlander which is the fullest application for vanlife. Other roadtrippers can indicate on the app where you can find water, gasoline, etc. iOverlander works in almost every country since it is based on the information left by users. 

Choose your recreational vehicle carefully

As you may know, there are a lot of different recreational vehicles. You can choose to buy a camper van, a trailer, a motorhome or even a roof-tent. These RV fit different needs. They all have advantages and weaknesses. Therefore, you need to choose carefully your future wheeled-home. 

In order to help you make this decision, we have grouped a bunch of information in a blog post. You can learn more about different types of RV right here! Depending on your budget, your needs and desires, you will certainly find the perfect solution for you. 

This will be the best time of your life

The last thing you need to know before planning your RV trip is that this experience will be the best time of your life, by far. You are still hesitating on doing a roadtrip? Don’t! You will thank you later. If you are afraid, stressed or unsure, it means that this is a good decision. Best things in life are never easy and effortless. 

Living in a recreational vehicle will help you focus on the most important things in life: you and your loved ones. You will live a more profound and meaningful life. Moreover, you will learn again to be amazed by little and simple things like food, people and nature. 

Even the tough times will become good memories. Because you will experience some troubles, for sure. All things won’t go as planned. You will have to be resilient and peaceful to accept those things. That is, for sure, a lesson that will help you forever. As fellow roadtrippers, we know how much you can learn by going on a RV trip. 

So… what are you waiting for?

Now you just need to hit the road!

Marie C.

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The best apps you need when traveling in a RV

Mobile apps can save you a lot of time and money during your road trip.

The best apps you need when traveling in a RV

Mobile apps can save you a lot of time and money during your road trip.

During your RV trip, you will probably travel to a lot of different places that you don’t know. You won’t be able to learn all the information needed to live comfortably. This is the reason why we can find more and more mobile apps created for the vanlifers. They will help you to know where to park, how to find water but also which places to visit. 


iOverlander may be the number 1 app downloaded by the vanlifers. It has been created by travelers to help you find all the information you need on the road. Based on your localization, you will be able to see on the app all different places. For example, it will show you the campsites, the dump stations or spots with free Wi-Fi. 

This mobile app is based on the collaboration of the road trippers community. In fact, anybody can add a spot with a description and reviews on the website. The main advantage of this is that you can benefit from updated information. For example, you can check if a place is still open and if it is free. 

When it was created, the iOverlander app was mainly used in South America. Nowadays, you can find useful information on it whether you are traveling in North America, Latin America or Europe. It is totally free and very appreciated by a lot of vanlifers. 


When you will be on the road, it will happen sometimes that you get distracted and forget to think of a place to sleep at night. You can trust us: you don’t want to be destitute at 6 pm in the middle of nowhere. To avoid this situation, you will need an app to tell you where to park nearby. 

Park4night can indicate where are the closest motorhome areas around you. It will also tell you if it is free or if you have to pay but also if it’s a private or public place. You will find places to park during the day and the night, rest and picnic areas. Just like iOverlander, this app is collaborative. It gives you the reviews, photos and comments of previous users. 

The best part of this mobile app is that it is accessible offline and is, for the most part, totally free. You can also choose the paying  version for 9,99€ a year or 1,99€ per month. On the app, you will have access to the itinerary and the telephone number for the places you want to go to. 


During your trip, the road will be your second home. But, to be honest, it will not be the best part of your trip. Spending time on the road is just a way to get to extraordinary places. Of course, it gives character to this kind of trip. However, you don’t want to miss a great experience because you have spent too much time on the road. 

To optimize your driving experience, you will need an app like Waze. More than a navigation mobile app, Waze is able to give you the traffic conditions in real time. Since it is a collaborative application, the app users can share information like accidents, traffic jams or police radars. 

Waze is totally free and will make your driving experience much more appreciable. You can also use Google Maps which is improving its real-time information. 

Gasoil Now

Your gasoil consumption will represent a major part of your budget. If you want to save money, you need to be smart about the places you go to refill. For example, gasoil will probably be more expensive in big cities. You may want to fill up before going to these urban areas. 

In order to know where to go, you can use the mobile app Gasoil Now. First of all, it will tell you where the gasoline pumps are near you. If you need to refill asap, it will help you a lot. But most importantly, the app will tell you how expensive it is. Thanks to a color code, you will know where to go to pay less. You can also enter the model of your vehicle and the size of your tank directly into the app. By doing that, you will be able to know the cost of your refill in a particular station. 

Please note that this mobile application is mostly used in France and Europe. However, you will probably be able to find an alternative in the country you are traveling to.


When you are on the road, the small things can become very important. Like going to the toilet, for example. It may seem trivial but it might become your main concern at some point. If you choose to have a RV with no toilet in it, you will need to find some. Of course, you can go to a cafe or a restaurant but you will have to pay for something. 

By using the mobile app Flush, you will be able to know where the toilets are near you. This app can indicate simply, quickly and for free approximately 200 000 toilets in the world. The application works mostly in big cities and can lack information when you are in more rural areas. Therefore, even if this application can be very useful, it will never be as quick as finding a tree or a bush and go back to our natural instinct!

Need to find toilets, a wifi spot or a parking area? Use your phone!

Wifi Map

If you want to become a vanlifer, you will need to accept that you will be disconnected from the digital world most of the time. However, you might need to have access to wifi from time to time. It will help you stay in touch with your family and friends. It can also be useful if you are still working during your trip (as a digital nomad for example). 

To find a Wifi spot, you can use the mobile application Wifi Map. It is the “world’s largest wifi community”. You will be able to connect yourself to multiple Wifi spots around you thanks to their VPN. You can also add new spots and help other travelers. 

Wifi Map is working all over the world and can be downloaded for free. You also have a paid plan called Wifi Map Pro which gives you access to additional features. 


Imagine : you are traveling from point A to point B. When you arrive at point B, someone asks you : “how have you seen this amazing place on the road to come here?”. It turns out you drove nearby a fantastic place without knowing and didn’t stop by. What a pity!

Roadtrippers is a mobile app that can help you not to be in this situation. The application gives you access to a map that indicates the different points of interest along your itinerary. When you are planning your road trip, you won’t be able to list all the areas you need to visit. With Roadtrippers, it will be easier to make sure you don’t miss a thing. 

By using Roadtrippers, you can also check if a particular place is along your itinerary. Rather than checking on Google Maps where it is and then comparing it to your itinerary, you can just use the app. It is a real time-saver. 


It may seem foolish to talk about Facebook in this blog post. Let us explain ourselves. When you are on the road, whether you are traveling alone or not, you will want to meet other vanlifers. It is one of the main advantages of this kind of trip : you create a bunch of relationships. 

Facebook can help you create amazing friendships. Depending on where you are traveling, you can have access to different public or private groups. For example, you can find a group dedicated to van life in Australia. It will help you meet new people but also share tips. 

To find this social aspect, you can basically go on any social network. Facebook is, for us, the best one thanks to these groups. You can also download specific apps for vanlife like The Vanlife App which is a social community of roadtrippers. 

Don’t forget to disconnect!

Even if digital tools like mobile apps can be very helpful while you are doing a RV trip, you have to remember to disconnect from time to time. If you are always looking at a screen, you will probably miss all the interest of vanlife. Enjoy the road, meet people and discover new places. Offline.

All of these applications can save you a lot of time. But most of them can be replaced by a simple conversation with locals. Need to find toilets, parking spots or Wifi? Just ask! You will be surprised and amazed by the kindness of people when you seem genuine, respectful and benevolent.

Don’t forget to tell us in the comments what are your favorite apps for traveling and road trips. We are sure that you have lots of advice to share with our community. 

Before going on a RV trip, don't forget to download these apps!

Marie C.

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RV trip: why do you need to plan one in 2021?

Planning a RV trip in 2021 is the best way to recover your freedom!

RV trip: why do you need to plan one in 2021?

Planning a RV trip in 2021 is the best way to recover your freedom!

This past year has been a very rough time for you? You have been suffering from a lack of freedom and adventures? You are not alone. Travel addicts have been going around in circles, waiting for the borders to open again. You know what? 2021 is the perfect time to catch up and plan a RV trip with your family or by yourself. Vanlife will bring you all the discoveries and excitement you have been missing these past months. 

What is a RV trip?

Roadtrips are definitely becoming a trendy thing all over the world. Recreational vehicles allow travelers to discover new cultures and areas seamlessly. RV can be a camper van, a motorhome, a trailer, a roof tent or a pick up camper. These options attend to different needs. 

RV allows you to have your home on wheels and travel wherever you want. You can follow your heart and decide in the morning where you want to sleep at the end of the day. RV can be used for solo roadtrips but also during family trips.

Why should you travel in a RV?

The van life offers you a bunch of advantages. You can find freedom and comfort while saving some money. Traveling in a recreational vehicle also brings you quality time. 

Wild and free

The main asset of vanlife is, for sure, the freedom it brings you. With your home on wheels, you can change location in no time. You don’t have to pack all of your luggages before moving to another place. You just have to close the door of your vehicle and go on a new adventure. 

Unlike hotel bookings, you don’t have any obligation with RV. If you want to stay longer, you can do it very easily. You don’t want to plan each and every aspect of your trip? RV is the perfect match for you! Customizing your itinerary as you go becomes easier with a recreational vehicle. 

Stay comfy

Too often, we think that freedom means camping rough. With a recreational vehicle, you can find a very comfortable solution. It can fit your family’s needs so you can feel at home in it. Depending on your plans for the trip, you will choose a vehicle between the camper vans, the trailers or even the roof tent. 

In your wheeled home, you may install a shower, toilets and even a full kitchen. You can also decorate it to feel good in your space. Since vanlife is becoming more and more usual, you can find a bunch of accessories to adapt your vehicle to your wishes. 

During long roads, your family will also benefit from the space and comfort of this home on wheels. If you are traveling with kids, they will love to have their personal space at the back of the vehicle. 

Save money

RV trips can also be a good solution to travel a lot without spending too much money. You can visit many countries, travel for several months while fitting your budget. Unlike hotels and flights, vanlife is pretty affordable. 

The main expense is the price of the vehicle. This one may seem too expensive at first. However, you have to remember that your vehicle will replace the hotel but also the transports. Moreover, you have a wide variety of prices in terms of recreational vehicles. You will necessarily find the perfect solution for you!

Your recreational vehicle can also replace your house if you want to travel during an undefined period. In this case, it will definitely be cheaper than a hotel or short-term apartment rental.

Spend some quality time

Alone, in couple or with your family, a RV trip is a great solution to find some quality time. Every minute of your trip will be an adventure. You will be able to experience things that classic travelers will never.

In van life, you can admire a beautiful sunrise directly from your bed. You can eat your lunch in front of a beautiful valley. In your RV, you will also be able to look at the stars in the middle of a big forest and fall asleep while listening to the animals.

A RV trip can bring you freedom but also comfort while saving money.

How do you prepare yourself for a RV trip?

Even if a recreational vehicle allows you to live one day at a time, you might want to plan your itinerary a bit to determine where to sleep, eat or what to visit. 

Depending on the country you are staying in, you won’t be able to park your RV everywhere. By planning in advance your itinerary, you will be able to search for parking spots. You can also use a mobile app to help you find the perfect spot!

When you start to plan your trip, don’t forget that you will be driving the entire way from one place to another. Don’t be too ambitious! You don’t want to exhaust yourself. Take your time to enjoy each and every place fully. 

Set your recreational vehicle

To have a safe and comfortable RV trip, you must set a few things in your vehicle. A lack of water, electricity and gas will have a huge impact on your holidays. It will definitely help you to have the same level of comfort as in your home.

Have access to water in your RV

The water in your vehicle will be useful for different needs: to clean, cook, drink but also for the toilets and the shower. Therefore, you will need a tank for clean water and another one for waste water. 

To fill in your tank of clean water, you can use multiple apps like Sanidumps.com or rvdumpsites.net. You will have to enter your country and state to have access to all the RV dump stations nearby. The app will also tell you whether the water is free or not. 

RV electrical system

First of all, your electricity consumption will depend on the time of the year you are traveling. If you plan your RV trip in winter, you will have to use more electricity to warm you up but also to enlighten your home since the days are shorter. 

There are different electrical systems for your recreational vehicle. The easier solution is to use your vehicle battery. However, you will need to be aware of not using all the energy up – if not, trouble will await the next morning! Another option is to install solar panels connected to a backup battery. Finally, you can use a generator (diesel, natural gas, gasoline, etc.). 

Gasoline or diesel

When you choose your recreational vehicle, you will also have to pay attention to the type of fuel it needs. Basically, you will have to choose between gasoline and diesel. If you want to travel a lot with your RV, diesel will probably be more interesting. 

Indeed, a diesel vehicle will be more expensive to buy but filling it up with diesel will be cheaper than with gasoline. The original cost will be profitable in the long run. To make it even cheaper, make sure to fill your car outside of big cities where gasoline and diesel are less expensive. 

In order to decrease your fuel consumption, make sure to drive slowly when you can. Due to its size and weight, your vehicle will use a lot of fuel if you want to go faster. Take your time, enjoy the road… and save some money!

Be thrifty and foreseeing

Whether it is for water, electricity or fuel, try to stay as thrifty as possible. Starting a vanlife also means becoming more minimalist. You won’t be able to watch TV, play video games and cook fancy meals as much as you do in a regular home. 

Another important skill to develop is to be foreseeing. Before running out of water, for example, make sure you are nearby a dump station. You don’t want to be in the middle of the Death Valley while running out of water. This is the reason why planning a RV trip a little bit in advance is very important.

Find your next wheeled home!

If you want to plan a new RV trip in 2021 on another continent, your first concern will probably be the vehicle. You know what? Today is your lucky day! With Swap the Road, you can have access to a community of RV owners from all over the world. Then, you will be able to exchange vehicles with them in order to travel further, more often and at a lower cost. 

Join the community of Swap the Road right now! It is totally free. You can also follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Youtube for more vanlife and RV trip content. We can’t wait to have you in our travel-addicts community.

You can also check our blog post to know what type of RV will fit your needs. We share with you our advice to choose between different kinds of recreational vehicles depending on your destination, the people you are traveling with and your budget. 

Ready to go on a new adventure in 2021?

Marie C.

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