Vanlife enthusiasts: 10 accounts to follow!


When you are passionate about vanlife, you often look for new decoration inspirations, new destinations to go to, tips for furnishing your van or even for optimizing the space ! So here are 10 accounts to follow if you are a fan of RV roadtrips ! 

1. @iniasiovanlife 

This TikTok account in French is super interesting to follow. With each video, you discover a new converted van and its owner. The TikToker films the best arrangements as well as the less good of each van presented. All in lightness, this account exudes good humor and the values of vanlife : freedom and sharing ! It is ideal if you want to discover in a few seconds the van of an owner, the different equipment of their van and their personal ideas of decoration and for optimizing space ! 

2. @sebastian_schieren 

Big crush for this TikTok content ! Usually, videos are shot with a drone and are breathtaking ! They would make anyone want to leave everything to go to the other side of the world with RV ! The account highlights a lot of outdoor activities, including climbing, paddleboarding, snowboarding, wakeboarding… So you can discover many spots where the Austrian content creator stopped with his van to practice these different sports. He also has an Instagram account of the same name and a YouTube channel. 

3. Vanlife Sagas 

Vanlife Sagas is the YouTube channel of a Canadian couple (Dom and Marie) who have been living in a van since 2017 ! Sharing of experiences and good advice guaranteed with this account ! The goal of their channel is to inspire as many people as possible to convert themselves to vanlife. Dom and Marie also like to present the story of other people and different ways of life. Their latest video is about an incredible couple of extreme vanlifers, behind PRETS POUR LA ROUTE


Present on the various social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin and Youtube) and with their own website, Alexandre and Valérie have been living and working full-time on the roads of America for 6 years. The Canadian couple left everything overnight to live new adventures every day and thus, avoid routine. The couple is very endearing, smiling and transparently sharing their vision of vanlife and their good advice for a long-term journey or for your holidays. 

5. @andyandlaur 

Andy, Lauren and their dog Cookie have been on the road since October 2021. Their goal ? Visit the 50 states that make up the United States and all possible national parks. The couple is present on Instagram, Youtube and TikTok. Good humor and simplicity are at the rendez vous ! 

6. Mountains and Coconuts 

Anouchka and Renaud are on Youtube and Instagram. They had already shared their roadtrips in a converted van a few years ago. In 2021, a little Anaé was born and today the two young parents have decided to go back on the road, as a family and their dog. Their 2022 project : share their vanlife and carry out talking circles, workshops on the themes of well-being and personal development.  

7. Escape and Discovery 14 (ED14) 

Nathalie and Sébastien have opened their YouTube channel to help future RV owners buy their future house on wheels. The videos feature friendly encounters with professionals and individuals. Van tours, planning advice, and DIYs are on the program. 

8. @ttthefineprinttt 

If you are a fan of gaming AND vanlife (and yes why not?), you absolutely have to follow @ttthefineprinttt ! Defining himself as a Mobile Gamer, this Youtuber and TikToker travels across the United States in a converted van. He chooses beautiful places where he lands in the middle of nature to play video games. 

Also present on TikTok, YouTube and Twitch, he shares his van life and his passion for gaming. The videos are always very well done and are very pleasant to watch ! 

9. @vanlifeeats 

Impossible not to tell you about this account ! To be found on TikTok, Youtube and their cooking blog, this English couple shares their recipes made in a campervan ! Simple, effective and delicious ! Their blog is in particular super complete : you can find the nutritional information of each recipe, the equipment you will need, the ingredients and the instructions of course, but also the little explanatory TikTok video. Whether you are vegan, vegetarian or a meat lover, you will find recipes for all tastes ! 

10. @parkingonthewildside 

Dreaming photos, videos with a sound background of birdsong, warm colors and decorations… The accounts of this couple of vanlifers make you dream and immediately give a feeling of freedom and tranquility. Laura and Aaron explore Europe in their tastefully furnished and decorated van. Their YouTube channel, On the Wildside, currently offers videos to follow their roadtrip in the English mountains in several episodes. This creative and nature-loving couple offers quite relaxing content demonstrating that life in a van really allows you to refocus on yourself and disconnect from a world where it is sometimes difficult to keep pace without losing yourself. Very good decoration ideas to find on this account, we strongly recommend it ! 

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