What is a recreational vehicle exchange ?

You can choose between several choices if you want to travel around the world by RV, but usually, the vacation budget takes a hit. Did you know that it is possible to exchange your recreational vehicle for free with another indivual ? We tell you more in this article !

The RV exchange concept

As an owner or future owner of a recreational vehicle, you should know that there are several solutions for making an RV trip halfway around the world :

• You can directly rent an RV on site. You can choose a specific model in line with your current needs for your travel plan. The more you will be traveling, the more you will go towards models of family motorhomes while if you are traveling alone or with two, you will rather opt for a campervan. 

• You can organize the temporary importation of your own RV to your vacation spot by transporting it by cargo ship. So, it is necessary to take into account all the administrative procedures and the insurance of the vehicle once there. You must of course think of the return !

• It is also possible to buy a vehicle when you arrive and then sell it when you leave.

These methods can be very expensive, the bill can amount to thousands of dollars depending on the solution you have chosen, the destination, the vehicle, the insurance and also the administrative procedures to be carried out. That’s why the RV swap is the concept that attracts more and more of RV owners today ! Do you know the movie The Holiday where Kate Winslet and Cameron Diaz exchange their respective houses for a change of air ? Well, this is the same idea but for an exchange of recreational vehicles.

More concretely, let’s say you live in Canada and want to take a road trip to discover Australia. On the other hand, an Australian family, also an RV owner, wants to visit Canada, passing by the area where you live. The concept of reciprocal exchange then consists of making your respective RVs available and for free. The Australian family will use your RV to travel across Canada, and in return, you will borrow theirs for your Australian road trip. The reciprocal exchange can be done simultaneously (i.e. on the same period) or deferred (over different periods).

Whether you own a motorhome, a trailer or a camper van, you will enjoy the concept. The RV exchange is not based on a transaction like a rental but on the idea of sharing, of making a confident exchange with another RV owner.

Why choose recreational vehicle exchange ?

For years now and in almost all sectors of activity, attitudes have evolved regarding our consumption habits. Today, it can be said that the trend and the general will are towards the intelligent use of our resources. Every day, new ways of producing and consuming are emerging or evolving so that we can gradually break away from a system that is based on overconsumption and immeasurable waste. This approach is really based on the principle of giving a second life to our goods and services, to make them as profitable as possible. That is why the exchange of recreational vehicles fits perfectly into this social phenomenon.

What are the other benefits of the RV swap ?

Save money

With the economic crisis that we have been going through since the arrival of COVID-19 in our lives, traveling at a lower cost is more than ever a necessity. The RV swap is therefore appealing to the owners because unlike renting a vehicle on site, the RV swap is free. It is based on a “win-win” concept and is legally considered as a loan. The RV exchange is therefore very interesting because it allows you to significantly reduce your vacation budget.

Travel serenely

By choosing the RV exchange, you don’t have to worry about all the paperwork or handling the vehicle in the event of a breakdown during your stay.

Strengthen social ties

The RV exchange really helps highlight important values like communication, transparency, respect and sharing. Swapping your RV also means benefiting from valuable advice from other owners and sharing your experience in return for a great human experience. In this way, you will mutually ensure an unforgettable trip thanks to this sharing. In a spirit of kindness, share your tips and traditions : where to stop to eat? What are the habits of the locals ? Which city should they absolutely visit ? …

Some tips for an optimal RV exchange

• Contact the owner of the RV with whom you want to exchange well before the big day. This will allow you to establish a relationship of trust and to identify if the individual is serious, in order to avoid you any bad surprises.
• Check that your insurance authorizes the loan of a vehicle to a third party and on what conditions.
• Check that the owner has a valid driver’s license.
• Treat the loaned RV as if it were your own and how you would like the other owner to treat yours. Even if it is a loan, you are responsible for the vehicle and it is important to keep in mind that the exchange is based on mutual trust and respect.
• Check with the RV owner that there are every equipments you need in the vehicle for your trip.

Why trust Swap The Road for RV exchange ?

SwapTheRoad is the collaborative platform that brings together a community of RV  enthusiast travelers, around values such as sharing, transparency, openness and benevolence ! The mission of SwapTheRoad ? Make RV exchange accessible to as many people as possible in order to allow owners to travel further, more often and at a lower cost. SwapTheRoad offers to individuals the opportunity to exchange their RV in complete confidence. Community members adhere to the SwapTheRoad charter and pre-defined commitments for unforgettable travel experiences. 
To get started, nothing could be simpler :
• Join the community for free by signing up using your email address. Add the vehicle that you want to make available to other members of the community, then complete your user profile.
• Find the vehicle that suits you the best by using the search filters. You will be able to discover all the vehicles available within the community according to your destination and the type of vehicle desired.
• Contact the vehicle owner using internal messaging and start trading for the organization of your respective trips. The exchange is validated from the approval.
You are interested in the concept of RV exchange but you don’t feel totally ready to leave your vehicle to another one? No worries, SwapTheRoad has thought of everything and invites you to test its non-reciprocal exchange of motorhomes! This exchange principle is particularly adapted to owners wishing to discover the concept of RV swap, by borrowing in exchange of “RoadPoints”. Find out in my next article for all the details on the non-reciprocal RV exchange !

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