Why travel in a recreational vehicle ?


Every year, millions of people choose to travel in a Recreational Vehicle. And there are more and more of them, especially since the pandemic of COVID-19 ! You may be wondering what are the benefits of traveling by RV and if this mode of travel might be right for you. Read this article if you want to learn more about the advantages of RV trips !

Feel free

When you join the vanlifers community, you quickly understand that traveling in RV offers you a lot of freedom. First of all, you can travel at your own pace, without respecting any schedules or plans if you don’t want to. You have no time restrictions on hotel reservations (leaving your room at 11am for check out) or time to waste on packing and unpacking your suitcases, transporting them from left to right. Also, and thanks to RVs, you can cover very long distances and go wherever you want with all the comforts at your fingertips ! You can easily park in the evening in front of a beautiful landscape and discover it in the morning at sunrise making your coffee, or settle in a forest in order to become one with nature and recharge your batteries, or even park not far from a city for a good walkabout if you feel too cut off from the world. Whether you want to be alone or to be surrounded by people, you are free to follow and satisfy your desires from day to day when you travel with your RV.

Save your money 

Buying an RV can be scary because this type of vehicle is often very expensive. But there are many models and for all budgets ! From the fifth wheel trailer to the small van camper through the pop-up trailer, you are bound to find the RV that suits you best. Above all, you should know that you quickly get a profit from your wheeled home because RV life allows you to reduce all the expenses relating to accommodation and food during your trip. This is because you avoid spending your money on hotel rooms and restaurants, and these fees are usually a money pit when you travel in a traditional way. When you travel by RV, you can sleep in your bed and cook your meals just like at home, at a lower cost. These expenses generally have a big impact on the vacation budget while, by traveling in your RV, you can save your money for more fun activities such as paying admission to a museum, visiting a natural park and so on.

Forget Covid-19

Since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, RV roadtrips has become a very popular way to travel and we can understand why : RV travels allow you to stay with your family, as a couple or even with friends, without necessarily having to wear a mask and meet a lot of people. This decreases the risk of contamination and you do not need a health pass to sleep or eat in your own RV. After being confined for many months, we understand why this way of traveling is becoming more and more popular !

Feel adventurous

We all have said to ourselves at least once in our life, that we wished we could have the chance to be a little more adventurous, to live a life a little less structured, a life far removed from the metro, work, sleep rhythm. By doing an RV trip, you can completely let yourself fall in spontaneity and live from day to day (carpe diem, does that mean anything to you ?). Traveling with your RV will offer you to see all kinds of landscapes and make new discoveries every day. It’s these kinds of trips that will allow you to discover facets of your personality that you may not have known : maybe you will find out you are a very resourceful person, or a non-materialistic one, or maybe even a little bit of a Macgyver. In short, you travel the world and discover yourself a little more, you have everything to gain !

Travel and feel at home

Vanlife can be as comfortable as living at home. It is really a mix of camping life and leaving in your own place. For example, when you are travelling with an RV, you can sleep in the same bed throughout the trip as you do at home. You leave your house or your appartment but, depending on the composition of your RV and/or the development works you have made in it, your comfort may be more or less optimized : you can decorate your interior to have the real impression of being at home, you can bring your things and store them in closets, you can have food in a refrigerator… There are many tutorials on the internet where you can find lots of advice on how organize your RV, accessorize it or even reinvent it. This kind of tutorials can be very useful, especially when it is your first trip in RV ! Vanlifers experiences can save you from forgetting important things and can help you to prepare wonderful roadtrips.

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  1. My uncle is looking for an activity that’ll get work out of his mind for his planned month-long vacation. I love your suggestion of traveling within an RV since it works like a moving home on the road! Perhaps finding a rental company can help him try this out before making a purchase.

    1. Hello Zachary and thank you for your comment. There are a lot of rental agencies out there. And it is indeed, a good idea to discover the trip in VR. Where does your uncle live?

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