Where to Park Free OverNight in North

Camping is great fun whether you go solo or with friends or family. But, if you plan to go for a month or year-long trip, then it can be a bit heavy on your budget. In this case, you need to plan your budget more carefully. One wise way of cutting your expenses down is to find free overnight parking. If you are camping somewhere in North America, here are a few ways you can take the benefit of free parking.

1. Use Walmart Free Parking Lots

Walmart values RV travelers and considers them amongst their best customers. Consequently, they do permit RV parking on store lots. However, there do exist some Walmart stores that do not allow it. So it’s good to check before you park. Generally, the permission to park is extended by

store managers and he does that based on the space availability and laws. An advantage of parking in Walmart parking lots is that you can just walk in the store and buy some groceries any time you want. You may also need some RV accessories too.

2. Cracker Barrel restaurants

This restaurant chain is available everywhere in the U.S. (except a few areas) and they do offer free overnight parking for RVers. It’s better than when you intend to park in there, you talk to the manager who will also answer some other questions such as if you can run a generator, where you should park, and any questions about putting leveling jacks or extending the RV awning and slides out. Here you have to take care of your power and water needs since you won’t be able to get these facilities in the lots. Also, enjoy breakfast or dinner from the restaurant and make sure you stay for a short time in one place.

3. Plan Fitness

If you are a member of this nationwide gym called “plan fitness”, you can take advantage of the parking in their lots. You can use the planet fitness as you shower, workout, and overnight parking places along with some places offering free wifi.

4. UseCasinoParkingSpace

Most of the Casinos do offer free parking spots for RVers however exceptions are also there. If you need to stay overnight and you have a good one on the way, check out the facility and related details. You will certainly be able to find one.

5. Use Free Camping Sites

It’s a good option to avail of the free camping sites for RV parking. However, designated free camping sites do have limitations too. Make sure that you follow the rules of the site. Also, make sure that you carry drinking water with you as in most cases, free camping areas do not have these facilities for you. Also, check if you are allowed to light some fire or not.

6. Public Land

Another wonderful option is to camp for free with your vehicle in the US. Using the public-owned lands under the Bureau of Land management or in the national forests. However, in case you are parking for free, you have to park outside the campground that is fully established for the purpose. Also, please make sure that you avoid crossing the areas which are closed as a result of a threat to wildlife. Also, if you are properly vaccinated, it will help you avoid any issues.

What to Do When you Park For Free

In any case, it is suggested that;

    • Your RV is fully equipped with the accessories and necessary facilities such as fully charged RV batteries, water tanks working properly, portable toilets, and other such things. This is because a free parking space usually doesn’t offer such facilities and you can only stay comfortable if you are fully prepared.
    • It is also helpful if you do not prolong your trip at one free parking area for more than a couple of days. Keep changing your places
    • After leaving any place, it is wonderful if you clean up and dispose of waste or toilet paper anywhere laying around. Doing this will make things easier for other people who will need free camping facilities in the future and probably you can also be the one.


There are several businesses, restaurants chains, grocery stores, and public places that offer free parking facilities for RVers. However, it is good to confirm from the management before you park, take care of the place where you are parking, and abide by the rules.


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