Swap my motorhome ? No way !


The SwapTheRoad platform offers the opportunity to owners of recreational vehicles to travel anywhere in the world and at a lower cost,  thanks to its unique concept : motorhomes swap ! Whether the exchange is reciprocal or non-reciprocal, simultaneous or delayed, you may be afraid to entrust your house on wheels to strangers. Here’s why you need to overcome your fears and trust SwaptheRoad for your next holidays ! 

The borrower could damage my motorhome ! 

You should know that before any RV exchange, you must absolutely check with your insurance that you have the authorization to lend your motorhome or your fitted out van to a foreign third party. This is called the “steering wheel loan”. If this is not the case, you must make a request to your insurance in order to modify the conditions of your contract. Once you are sure that you can lend your vehicle to another SwapTheRoad member, do not forget to ask if the latter benefits from the same guarantees as you. 

For more security and to lend your RV with complete peace of mind, the collaborative platform even offers you Lender guarantees. Indeed, SwapTheRoad can manage a deposit and a deductible for you to facilitate procedures in the event of an incident. On the one hand, the deductible concerns the damage included in the insurance and on the other hand, the deposit is used to compensate for any damage not included in the insurance. 

To benefit from this Lender security, simply subscribe to the Premium subscription formula and the deposit and deductible management service will be accessible to you in addition to your vehicle insurance. This Serenity Lender guarantee assures you that in the event of an accident at fault (and if they are considered to be the cause of the accident), the borrower of your vehicle will have to pay for the repairs. 

With regard to the interior of the vehicle and its equipment, a departure inventory and a return inventory are carried out for each exchange. In the event of damage noted, you will be able to draw up an estimate to indicate the amount of the repairs. Then, the borrower can pay the sum using all or part of the deposit managed and kept by SwapTheRoad. 

In addition, and to provide an optimal level of guarantee to members of the community, SwapTheRoad has chosen to work with RentalCover, one of the world leaders in vehicle insurance. By choosing the additional RentalCover insurance when validating your exchange with another member, you will be opting for a maximum level of cover at the most competitive price (rapid reimbursement in the event of damage, simplification of administrative procedures, full reimbursement of the deductible…). The additional insurance offered provides worldwide coverage (more than 80 countries) and for any additional named drivers required to drive the vehicle during the exchange. Coverage covers damage to any part of the vehicle, its repair as well as theft and vandalism. 

Find out more about SwapTheRoad guarantees

I don’t trust enough to leave my RV to a stranger ! 

SwapTheRoad really wants its members to be able to entrust their recreational vehicle with peace of mind. This is why the platform makes it a point of honor to bring together a community driven by the same values and having a common attraction for RV travels : 

Members are all owners of a recreational vehicle : camper van, pick-up with cell, 4×4 with roof tent… Everyone knows the personal and financial investment that it entails. Each member has a special attachment to their vehicle. During the exchanges, you can be reassured that the borrower will treat your property as if it were theirs. 

Members have the opportunity to be certified. Thus, their identity and their vehicle are verified by SwapTheRoad. Indeed, everyone is invited to send their identity document when taking out a subscription. Similarly, for the verification of the vehicle, a registration certificate and a vehicle insurance certificate are required. Once this last information has been checked, the RV can be offered for exchange. The annual certification allows SwapTheRoad to regularly check that these documents are always up to date, in order to offer more serene swaps between vanlife enthusiasts. 

For every registration on SwapTheRoad, each member must accept the Charter. This takes up the great fundamentals of the community, namely communication, respect, transparency and sharing ! By joining the collaborative platform, RV owners commit to respecting mutual commitments, so that everyone can enjoy a unique and transparent experience. For example, each member undertakes to respect the mutual commitments, so that everyone can live a unique and transparent experience. For example, each member undertakes to respect the instructions given by the lender, to report any possible malfunction during the trip or when returning the vehicle, to be present and to respect the inventory of fixtures at the start and end of the stay, to communicate sufficiently with the lender before, during and after the exchange if necessary… An internal messaging system has been set up so that all members can exchange and properly organize their respective trips. 

Did you know that SwapTheRoad remains available to its community at any moment ? In case of problems or questions, the team remains available by message on WHATSAPP or by e-mail. The mutual aid center will always be present to assist members during their recreational vehicle swaps. 

What if the borrower commits an offense with my motorhome ? 

It is possible that the borrower commits an offense or traffic violation with your motorhome, such as speeding for example or awkward parking. Do not panic, if you receive a ticket at your home, the deposit will cover any fines. 

You will have understood that choosing to travel with SwapTheRoad means going to the other side of the world with peace of mind. Everything has been thought out so that you can enjoy your roadtrip with complete serenity, whether you are a lender and/or a borrower. For authentic RV trips, don’t wait any longer and try the SwapTheRoad adventure


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